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Have you ever quit weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 281310, May 13, 2010.

  1. #1 Deleted member 281310, May 13, 2010
    Last edited: May 13, 2010
    Well about 3 weeks ago i got caught at school and got suspended and Arrested so i had to quit because my parents found out and now i gotta do this program so i don't have to go to court. And i miss it so much but whatever anyone else ever quit and howd you feel about it?

    Edit:Yeah i don't think I'm like really addicted i think I'm just craving it. like I'm not gonna screw myself for a smoke but i still want it and yeah i learned my lesson about not taking weed to school lol i learned it very well.
  2. I quit for about 2 years.. similar reason. I got arrested it was court ordered that I go to rehab. I mean, it was simple. I just geeked out for the time being and cut off some friends and just worked - and played video games and kept my mind occupied. It wasn't even a struggle for me to quit which is something I like, knowing I can walk away if need be.

    Just keep your head straight man I know you miss it but the fact that from here on out it could become a big thorn in your side has to also help you not want to smoke. Trust me, I've seen kids get thrown into in patient for fucking ganja, it's so stupid.

    Good luck
  3. Sorry to hear that, but quitting should be no problem, considering weed is not physically addictive. The one exception would be if you are psychologically addicted, but I doubt this, as most users are not. Sounds like you're just getting some normal cravings.

    Seriously, people take breaks by choice all the time to get their tolerance back down. Just get through this program weed-free, let things cool down a bit, and use your new, super-low tolerance to get ripped once you start again.

    Oh, and you might want to never, ever, ever, take weed to school again. But I'm sure you knew that already.
  4. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to NOT take illegal substances to GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS. There is no reason why you should need to take that to school, police office, social services buildings, or court buildings for any of that matter. Deals go down away from these places in unsuspicious places (suburban neighborhoods rule for this purpose) and smoking either goes on at you/buds house or in a secret location (woods, mountains, lake) Basically just use common sense. If you know your going to be busy for a few days don't worry about taking a hit in between classes or some shit. Toke when you can and keep the cops out of your business.,.
  5. yeah i had to quit for like the same reason.Cought at school with 3 Joints,had to go to the rehab thing and pay a 35 dollar court fine ,but it wasn't that bad...well..when i was around my friends i felt like gett'n high and i even found a little Nickle sack ..i think i smoked alittle of it and still passed,but don't chance it...well actually the whole drug testing thing turned me into a alcoholic because i knew that it only stay in your system for like 3-4 days.I'm glad i been an alcoholic and got over it before i became 21 :)
  6. I quit once for a girl that didn't like the whole marijuana culture. Yeah, definitely a wrong choice, wasn't worth it at all.:laughing:

    longest 5 weeks of my life, hahaha
  7. I quit for nearly 20 years (well perhaps smoked 6 times in that quit period), they tended to treat people who worked around classified or priority resources in a negative manner for "drug" use.:(:eek::cool:
  8. I had to quit for 3 months to go to some rehab bullshit..Sucked dick/ass. But just think of your zero tolerance and how much cash you'll be saving..and in the mean time, get drunk or something. lol​
    Thats what i did when i had to, i hate being sober
  9. when your done with that program, light up a bowl!
    Just think of it as a tolerance break haha :smoke:

  10. She musta been QUITE the girl to make you stop in the first place :). But sorry it wasn't worth it.

  11. more like she gave some QUITE good head ;)
  12. I quit for a month...just because
  13. I quit a week ago because I was too big a pussy to try and take it on an airplane. I'll be in Venice Beach tomorrow, at long last, so maybe I'll unquit for a gram or two :)
  14. Yeah, I quit weed for about a year when I went into the air force. It wasn't a problem at all. The day i was done in the army I went straight to Amsterdam:D
  15. I'm "quiting" right now, been clean for 68 days today. Could possibly have a job, if the fucker would quit rescheduling the interview. It wasn't so bad, I was also craving it for the first few weeks then it slowly slipped away; however, I still wanna smoke. :D
  16. I've never quit, but I've taken breaks whenever I'm writing exams or have a lot of school work just to make sure I do what needs to be done instead of smoking all day:D
  17. fuck I need to take a t-break soon my tolerance is getting too high lol
  18. Uh, I hate to break this to you dude, but what exactly would you call this if it's not considered being psychologically addicted?

    Don't get me wrong, I've had some pretty heated debates on here regarding the addictive properties of weed, and for the most part, I do agree with what you've posted here.

    However, if we are not psychologically addicted, then we must all "crave" it a whole fucking lot. :D

    And when I say "we", I mean like 99.999% of us.:smoke:
  19. I've been smoking for a few years now but find i can pick it up and put it down pretty easily. I smoke it with tobacco rather than pure and find myself needing the tobacco hit more than weed.
    Anyone else feel this? Depending on how you smoke obviously.
  20. it's the same way as if a kid got his xbox taken away. He's gonna be upset for a while and not know what to do without it. But that passes and he's fine. It's the same deal with you, once you find some other activities, it'll be okay.

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