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Have you ever quit smoking weed...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Aznleroy, May 16, 2011.

  1. Only to start up again? If you have what was the reason?
  2. Ahhh the t break...The first time i quit was when i was caught...At 14
  3. im a week deep into a T break that i failed at 4 days ago. have to restart tommorow. lol
  4. 2 years, i done it once about 2 and half years ago, but that was it. So 3 years overall properly.
    Im gunna drop into the weed darkness soon, and its not gunna be pretty!
  5. no money to buy it
  6. Only for religious reasons. About a month or so maximum and I'm right back up on that saddle.
  7. I got tired of it and took a year break a while back
  8. I got bored with it and took a couple years off but I don't ever see myself quitting forever.
  9. To answer your first question "Have you ever quit smoking weed..."

  10. Yip.. Presently on a T-break .. Been on it since last October..
  11. just t breaks, usually 1-2 weeks at a time
  12. I quit in 1978 to enter a proFession that would not allow it, worked until last year, retired, and started using weed again. 32 year t break.
  13. Nope. Not really. T-Breaks here and there but other than that I have no reason to quit.
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    That's committment lol
  15. Job interview.
    They didnt call me when they said they would.
    So that night i grabbed that dub sitting in my desk drawer, and i had a blast.
  16. I did for a while...about 4 months - my head needed a decent break and I was learning to soon as I passed I started up again (HAVING weed around my room didn't help matters, otherwise I probably wouldn't have.) The day I passed I needed to celebrate properly! That was 2 months ago, had it pretty much DAILY since - stopping at the end of the week for a break again though...
  17. probation for 6 months when i was 19...

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