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Have you ever pinched someones bag?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by swimswimswim, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Be honest, have you ever pinched someones bag for any reason while you had the chance? I'll admit it has happened to me, just out of pure impulse, especially if I just smoked them up.
  2. No man..

    Youd get yourself a nice asskicking if you lived down south ;)
  3. No, weed's not that big of a deal.
  4. Yes. If you have me hold it or get it. Thats the price for stickin my neck out.
  5. yes. only do it to one dude i know, dont really chill with him. he has like no friends, im his only way to get weed. know him from high school. i fuckin drive to his house, drive to meet my guy, pick up and drop it off to him again. Im drivin dirty, takin all the risk, so why shouldnt i get any? he doesnt even smoke me either even tho i ask him too he wont even smoke in my car cuz its too sketch he says. so fuck it, i pinch a couple nugs out
  6. thats fucked up.
  7. if some dude hit me up and was like "yo Im lookin for blah blah amount of weed, can u get it" then yea I'll take a lil face nug, I call it a finders fee. Once I got this dude a quarter of some dank for an awesome price and he just grabbed it up and dipped, no words said at all. no thanks or nothing. I mean shit the dude didn't even offer to blaze, like fuck you man! was glad I took a nug out of his bag. btw im not a dealer I just know lotssss of dealers, so people hmu lookin to see if I can get them nugget a lot...

  8. Thats called karma man you pinched his bag so you dont get smoked up fuckin stupid
  9. If hooking someone up was such a hassle for me, that I would resort to stealing their weed then I just wouldn't hook them up. Stealing is wrong dudes.
  10. yeah some kids are dumb i'd just rip em off just as bad.. shit happens my b guys.. :(
  11. I live my life by the Golden Rule, sorry for not being normal.
  12. No, I wouldn't want someone pinching my sac. Whats that saying? "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

    Instead of stealing from them, I'd raise the price of the sac to make some profit. If someone I knew needed an eighth, I'd charge maybe 55 or 60 for it and make a 5 or 10 dollar profit, rather than touching their shit. If you want to earn something, rather than get it the wrong way, just raise the price to plug a sac like I just explained. That's more fair than pinching their sac. I wouldn't charge them if they were a close friend, but if they were a friend of a friend I'd raise it by 5 or 10 bucks.
  13. I have done it... i try to never do it to friends though. I was suppose to get my buddy an oz delivered... it ended up weighing 27g haha. He got the left overs after some other people took more than they should have... haha.
  14. If u are middle manning a bag I wouldn't call it pinching I'd call it finders fee/ gas money. Can't b doing that risky shit for my health (aka for free/nothing).

    It's only pinching if say u are in your friends room and he doesnt owe u anything and he goes to the bathroom and u sneak a nug. Which I have never done!
  15. Never have, never will.
  16. not really. a few times i've been out and someone else in my family had just picked up, so i'd go pinch a bowl. nothing major though.
  17. No, even when my friend pressured me to pinch in his douchebag friend's stash
    I've always been more generous than greedy to friends, and respectful enough to people I don't know
  18. yeah a bowl here a bowl there no big deal we all get high
  19. Well I've played middleman for some guys I've bought for and maybe once or twice I overcharged or pinched a gram or so out.

    Never to one of my pals or anything like that though
  20. I've pinched my own bags to save for later.

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