Have you ever paid for sex?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by mintyhaze, May 21, 2006.

  1. Just curious, I never thought in all my life Id hook up with a prostitute BUT recently after a shitty day at work a hot girl offered to suck it off for $20.00.. I ended up getting some 20 dollar road head :hello:
  2. No, the women usually pay me :D
  3. Yeah, I end up paying for sex all the time, all i need is my high speed internet and a credit card ;p
  4. yo thats crazy did you date her before cause thats kinda whorey i wish i had friends like that but paying for bj's would really cut into the dro bill

    mad high
  5. ha i know a guy who lost his virginity to a certified whore. ha.
  6. I don't think I would ever go that far. I think paying for it crosses the desperation line. Hell, your hand feels better than a pussy that has been around the block more than once, anyway.
  7. Never have.
    Would I?
    For a BJ, sure why not.
    otherwise , no. I'm not eager to get aids, or dish out lots of money for something I can get with a little work and dedication.

  8. Exactly what I tought... Bj yeah, sex is a very important and private thing to do it with a strange woman...is lot better when you fight for it so basically I never paid and never will.....
  9. never paid for sex, or anything sexual besides my porn lol. Well, idk, ive reanacted porn seens with girls, soooooo.....is that paying for sex? lol
  10. we all have when u pay for dinner u pay for movies etc then u have sex...but no never paid for it specifically
  11. I will just use Rosy and her 5 sisters.....
  12. I've never paid for sex but that's not to say I wouldn't ever. In Toronto the going rate is about $200+ for an hour with an "escort"(I only know because I'm somewhat fascinated by the idea and have researched but don't see myself partaking anytime in the near future).

    Think of the money you spend on a date as far as food, tickets(movie, show, etc), gas, etc. It's not $200 a date for most of us but it can add up quick. If you don't have a gf, don't have the time, or aren't interested in one I don't think there's anything wrong with paying for it. It's just a choice to be made.

    As far as infections and disease. There are good ways to do it and bad ways to do it. BBBJ(bare back blowjob) can be plenty unsafe. If it were me I don't think I'd be doing anything without a condom. Granted, bj's with condoms are awful but chlamydia is worse.
  13. In Hamburg Germany, If anyone has been or knows it is the biggest red light district in Europe. I went to Hamburg, A-dam, and Spain after my senior year of High School with 2 close friends. Best 3 weeks of my life. (I would say best for partying wise only. girlfriend would be pissed if she saw Best 3 weeks of my life partying with my friends as we just went on a three week vacation)
  14. No, not even my ugly small dick antisocial self would do such a thing,as i never get any and dont try to because i have nothing to offer any girl ive ever liked i still wouldnt pay for sex, prostitute probably couldnt even give me a hard on
  15. Amsterdam doesn't count does it?
  16. If her name was Mary Jane, then no. :smoke:
  17. i was offered 2 times and didnt accept i had a prostitute sitting in my car i was on break from work and she was hot and aske if she could sit in the AC and i was like sure then she gave me some story on how she pays for school herslef and would suck me off for 20 bucks i tild her id give her ten if she left my car and she did and ended up sucking off one of my coworkers that i told her was sitting in his car hahaha. I have a girl and dinner and movies is all i pay to have all types of XXX rated nasty sex i want plus Love makes it that much better.
    I dont think i could erver pay a prostitute for anything that to me turns me off.
  18. At least you're honest...

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