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have you ever noticed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NaughtyDread, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. well, im up for a d.test in about 8-10 days. i quit a lil less than 48 hrs ago. or atleast thats when i had my last bowl. have you ever noticed its different when you decide to quit vs running out of weed and cant get anymore?

    ive climbed a couple a walls before. not because im dependent, but because i did not make the decision to quit. i was forced to. and thats different :)

    boy is it so much easier to deal with wanting to smoke, when you cant vs running out and cant find more

    what do you think???
  2. i quess thats why people say you can be psychologically depedent, but not physically to mj
  3. dont know im lucky enough to never of been forced to stop or quit.
  4. lol :) oh how i desire the "real" life
  5. Its all in the head. I sometimes want to quit for a while but its easier to say something than to actually do it. Fuckin willpower...
  6. ya when ur out of bud/money n cant get ne is much worse than just having to quit for a week or so.
  7. the last post made me think of a quote from somebody/everybody "weed will get you through times of no money better than money through times of no weed."

    Off topic but ...well,you know.
  8. off topic but, cool avy you into vdubs? if so air-cooled tickle your fancy?
  9. im all about the vdubz, love em so much, i own 2 of them, identical, just different colors :)

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  10. heres another :) (off topic)

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  11. my best friend has a rare triple-white 77 superbeetle convertable. He swapped the injected motor out for a dual weber carbed one with higher compression pistons and a new cam. It's a fun car.
  12. Ive quit on my own before...just cuz I wanted to quit. I always came back tho lol
  13. I got my air-cooled 1972 camper, and hopefully soon, a beetle. im obsesed mainly with theolder ones.

    sorry to take ya'll off track lol
  14. why, why would you buy two new VW's? I mean, they're good cars, so good infact that i see no reason to have two of them...whats up with that..

    and, i have a theory. If they were to bring back the karmann-ghia, it would sell like a motherfucker. Take on the miata, the MR2, mustangs, celica..any small sporty car within its price-range. If they basically kept the styling and the look of the ghia as we know it, but of course redesigned some things and made it look styled and whatnot..shit..the next best seller..

    and, last year they stopped making the old style bugs in mexico?..whats up with life goal was to take a roadtrip with some friends during college, end up in mexico and buy a brand new, old-style VW bug...

  15. oh, btw.. if figured out why you have two of them...i forgot about the posibility of, u kniow, wives/girlfriends/boyfriends and whatnot..

    my bad.
  16. yeah its always the first few days and everyday after :) nah its not that bad, i think i just enjoy being in an altered state. i enjoy the fog, when i come out of it, things dont make as much since to me as i would like them to. and i think its been like that most of my life. i cant say that weed has bought me insight, because it really didnt become i gift to me until i took the time to learn about and grow it rather than jus pay someone to smoke it. so yes, to me its a loss. ive prooved to myself over and over again i function on weed, and without it. i dont drink, so i really have nothing else to pass my time with except for here, my family and a good book :)

    thanx frail :) being able to smoke after it cures with close to no tolerance will be a great treat!

    oh yea resin, i got the car for cheap. actually a steal, the first golf was paid for from the insurance company, i had a 98 jetta vr6 that got flood damaged. they gave me 10 grand for it, i went to the stealership to purchase another vehicle. i saw a titled brand new 99.5 golf on the used car lot for 14.threw a 10 grand check in their face and threatend to put it all to the acura i saw across the street. 4 hrs later i drove off the lot with a brand new/used car with 660 miles on it.

    my friend wrecked this vehicle 3months after buying, he didnt want it anymore, so i gave him 4 grand for it and had some friends spend some time fixin it up, now its immaculate. two cars for the price of basically 1 :)

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  17. crazy stuff...

    so if u sold the least favorite of the two cars, you could pocket a nice sum of money...on that note, do u drive ur cars like, the white one every-other day or never there for hours, pondering..
  18. That stinks you had to quit,not on your own.
    I know when my lung collapsed i found that weed smelled weird not like it was when i was smoking.
    It had such a great but diff smell but now that im "back on", it went away.
    I wonder if it will for you?
  19. yeah, ive had offers for one or the other :) there nothing special, but some wheels a nice exhaust system and a small drop really set the vehicles off from stock. i normally drive one strictly to work during the week since its about a 30 mile drive, the other i jus drive around the city and on weekends.

    sea---ive quit off and on so many times, its never been different for me, unless of course if its schwag, if faced with that choice, id go a couple of more days dry
  20. 2 weeks till harvest? how much did you squeeze out of the last bit? i dont know if my stash is going to last till my babies get back up and runnin again, oh well :)

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