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have you ever noticed it smokes faster if you put it out and respark it?????

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by letsmokeasweet, May 15, 2011.

  1. i noticed that whenever i put out a joint or a sweet halfway though and i light it up latter on it smokes a lot faster....

    has anyone else noticed this?
  2. For me it depends on how I rolled it. Sometimes more weed gets concentrated into either end of the joint, and it takes me longer to burn on one end than the other.

    Also, weed(or wood for that matter) takes a flame better when it has already been scorched, might have somethin to do with it.:smoke:
  3. Also, you will smoke the second half slower if yuo have already smoked half.
  4. It doesn't smoke faster. You just think it does.
  5. prob cuz you smoked 2/3rds of it and put it out then smoked the remaining one third
  6. or because it heats up and leaving it out dries it out more....simple
  7. sometimes you gotta clip it
  8. Do you roll cones? That could explain it.
  9. It's because the weed was prolly stored in an airtight container up to the rolling. Along with the blunt shell being not only 'moist' but rubbed with the moisture your fingers minutely get on it. Simply put, its because its all dried out.
  10. when u start a fire, like a campfire or soemthing, its good o use some pieces that are already burnt. they light faster. There's some science behind it, something like exposing the carbon faster or maybe just drying it out.
    Anyway, i know what u mean but on a small scale like a J its more likely that after u put it out there's a chunk of useless material that has no THC and is just burnt material that'll burn away leaving u with a smaller J than u expected.

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