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  1. tommy chong? If you have or know anybody who has tell me your story,and what was it like? I just thought this would be a neat question to ask:wave:
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    Yeah I met him once...

    Upon a time ago, I hung out with this beautiful girl.
    We smoked a few blunts, got lifted and then she started sucking my dick out of nowhere.
    Anyways, next thing I know we're in the bed having sexy sex time. Around 1 minute or so into it, she's about to cum:)ey:).
    Until... fucking Tommy Chong comes running in, jumps on the bed and basically becomes a cock blocking whore.

    Turns out, the dogs name was Tommy Chong.
    no but go fuck yourself

  4. I pretty much have to now. And it's all Tommy Chong's fault too.

  5. awesome story. i'm laughing my ass off right now
  6. i have to admit that was hilarious :hello:
  7. got to talk to him pretty much daily for almost 2 years when i worked for his sons glass company (chong glass was paris chongs company not tommys), he had his own lil stage set up at the unused end of the warehouse and he'd jam for hours(he was a motown legend btw)...incredibly intelligent, centered and humble guy and made a point to remember your name if he met you a few times.....first time i saw him he was pulling weeds(real weeds) from the area in front of the shop with bushes and shit, fucking rich and famous and doing gardening in an industrial cul de sac that no one would ever see or appreciate....amazing guy...and the backstage access he hooked up for me at that 70's show was fucking insane....aaaaaahhhh mila kunis..........

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