Have you ever met any of your eskimo brothers?

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    after a long break, i'm back on here shaming the sluts and the "walking fleshlights". now i acknowledge that it's 2016 and this new generation of women are "liberated". what the hell is liberated supposed to mean anyway? i guess replacing the world "slutty" with "liberated" helps women sleep at night.. i'm in college and it seems like all of the girls i meet are the exact same. i think i might transfer schools honestly. so i met this girl named karishma in my biology seminar/class. it's an hour long class in an auditorium with about 150+ students in it. it turns out she was a transfer student from clark atlanta(ghetto school). she had nice red skin with a big butt, fake eyelashes, fake nails, contacts, make up, weave, everything a modern woman comes with. i walk into class one day and you know how you can just feel when someone is looking at you? i acted on that feeling and looked at her and rightfully so, she was looking at me. so of course like always I(the man) initiated the first contact by sitting behind her and asking her if i can copy her notes and i guess she thought that was good enough reason to give me her number. the girl is really cute so i decided to see what i can do with this because i already had the number so the job was basically all done. one day i invited her over to my dorm so we can "study", we didn't do anything, we ended up just making out, and i fingered her. now after a few days of texting and hanging out, we start getting into personal stuff and asking eachother personal questions. she asks me how many people i've slept with and i lied and said 4 even though it's really 7. i ask her the same question and instead of giving me a number, she gives me a list of names. the list isn't that big, it had about 11 people on it, and on that list of 11 people included 4 GUYS THAT IM FRIENDS WITH. keep in mind that school started a week ago, and she's a NEW STUDENT. long story short that was the last conversation i had with her. you ever met your distant eskimo brother?

  2. So your eskimo bros is a buddy whos hit the same lady as you?

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  3. yes
  4. Thanks for clearing that up.[​IMG]
  5. Tell us more.....

  6. why must one get warned for sharing their insight on today generation
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  8. Me and like 4 of my friends have all banged this one chick.

    Probably the easiest chick I've ever met.

    Funny thing is, I thought she was terrible in bed.

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