Have You Ever Made Out With A Dude?

Discussion in 'General' started by Huey_Freeman, Sep 12, 2013.

  1. This is a question for the straight men on here, have you ever made out with a dude?

    I almost did one time when I was really drunk and these two girls were like "well we made out, you your guys turn" and we almost felt guilty for a second but then we were like nah..

    That was a couple years ago. Now these new two girls really want me and my buddy to make out this weekend and if we do they will obey our every sexual command (these girls are freaks, they keep their word). I'm deciding whether it's worth it or If It will be uncomfortable. I would have to be reaaaally drunk.

    Have any of you straight male blades made out with a dude before?
  2. Nope I'm straight

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    Its not gay if your doing it for some pussay but it would be a shame if they gassed your shit Sent from my Prism using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. Nope then it would be bi so might as well move on to sheep.

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  5. Just get some hard liquor, I'd do it for some freak stuff; just wouldn't make a routine out of it, lol

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  6. Be careful. I've heard it's like a Lays potato chip.
  7. If they truely are freaks, you don't need to change you to get in their pant(ies). I can imagine they would also like to sneak a few photos of that "make out" session. So no don't go there.
  8. Sounds like a bisexual 4some in the making. You really think these girls won't push it for more than kiss? You'll be drunk, and you will end up kissing more than your friend's mouth.
  9. lol. no man never
  10. Yeah, it was gross 0/10 wouldn't do again
  11. If yous makin out wit a dude you ain't a straight male
  12. "this is a question for the straight men on here" well if it's a question for straight men then how do you expect the answer to be anything but no
  13. I've seen cookiecrisp make out with a dude once, Idk if that counts
  14. Nope. I haven't wanted to, and have definitely never been offered a reward for doing so.
    I'll try most things once. If it meant I could sexually dominate a sexy chick, I'd do it. If she's not sexually attractive to me though, nahh.
  15. If I were you, I'd go for it.  But only if they're really hot.
  16. I have, but I am bi... so that doesn't count. Nonetheless if these chicks are as freaky as you say then go for it, they will compensate for anything uncomfortable you may (or may not) experience in the process lol.

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