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Have you ever heard songs in your head?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Spark It29, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. This has happened 3 times....ok.

    One time I toked up and I was in my friends garage (a hangout place). he has a fridge, and when it turns on, it makes a loud humming noise. Well, halfway through, I just started hearing a Disturbed song playing, and it was the exact lyrics and everything. It wasn't just in my head because I could just keep listening to the song progress.

    Another time I was fishing with 2 friends and we smoked before. And there was noise coming from across the lake, and the whole entire time it sounded like 8-bit Mario music.

    Now this is my favorite time. I was listening to my ipod in my room alone. A Disturbed song came on, but I decided to put my ipod away. Well when I sat back down I heard the disturbed song playing. I swear to god. I don't know if this has happened to anyone of you.

    Also, When I first started smoking, like the first 20 times, I would almost have conversations in my head with my friends when I was alone. Not conversations, but just thoughts of what they would say in certain situations and such, and it would almost seem as if they were in the room with me. I would have to realize that they weren't in the room to begin with.
  2. I have heard songs in my head while I was high. It sounded like taking your ipod with your headphones and blaring it to the max and listening without putting the headphones on. If that makes any sense, thats what it sounds like:smoke:
  3. Happens to me also when i get really high. I will take a shit and i swear i hear music from the fan noise. Its weird how your brain will make u hear music while baked.

    I forget to text people back because i will be so high and just think i texted them but really didnt. I like think it all out in my head and hit send and think i did in real life.
  4. I always hear songs in my head.
  5. Yup.
    I remember i was blown with my cousin, bumppin smoke weed by khmer kid.
    I was still hearing the song 5 minutes after it was over.
  6. I always have music playing in ma head. High or not
  7. This happens stoned or not, for my entire life. It can get so irritating sometimes.
  8. Yeah this.
  9. Always 1 of the 3:

    1. Playing music.
    2. Listening to music.
    3. Thinking about it or playing it in my head.

    No different whether high, drunk, sober... it's just always there.
  10. Lotsa music as I'm a songwriter.:D

    But mostly just voices saying "Don't go to work, stay home and clean the guns":eek::D:smoke:
  11. I listen to music about 70% of the time Im not sleeping. Funny thing is if Im on Xbox talking to a friend theyll start singing a song that I had just listened to or currently listening lol.:cool:
  12. Is this about music that isn't really there?

    A couple times when I was trippin' out

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