have you ever heard anything like this?

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  1. So my friend just took me to a 'rapcore' show the other night and it was freaking amazing. I have never heard anything like this, and i hope it becomes more popular and on the radio soon because lets face it, the radio is getting pretty lame and everyone sounds the same...i searched all over the internet for this video, it is exactly what i am talking about : http://video.yahoo.com/watch/3324756/9339666 ..critical bill are BOMB, that is true music.
  2. i dont know man. . .

    remember Skindred?

    that shit didnt end too well
  3. Wasn't Rapcore popular in the 90s?
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    It's people like you who are ruining good music..... You sir, should be sacrificed with a dull pencil.

    You sir, should learn that disrespect doesn't float here. *RMJL
  5. aw, shit. i thought rapcore was dead.
  6. I actually dig rapcore when it's legit rapcore, in the sense of hardcore punk + rap.

    Nu-metal is what you guys were thinking of, which pulled some influence from rapcore but was substantially shittier. That was big in the early '00s.
  7. If you mean bands like E-Town Concrete and Madball (NYHC bands) as "rap-core", that isn't too bad. But still, I outgrew that stuff in 9th grade. To each their own I suppose..
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    Not a fan of rapcore at all.

    The closest thing that I like to rapcore is rap-rock much like Rage Against the Machine. However, RATM is 999x better and way more influential than some of this rapcore bullshit. That video sounded like a bad JayZ / Linkin Park cover. I respect Jay and LP foe what they did, and I love the collaborative album they put out, but Critical Bill fails in comparison.

    If you think rapcore is bad, check out Crunk and Screamo combined. Equally as terrible, if not worse....

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