Have you ever had the plant burried too deep.

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  1. I did my final transplant into my 2 gallon smartpot. This is thr one I put nutrients in when it was a seedling and I locked it up. Wasnt growing so I used sledgehammer and flushed it. I had a small amount of fert in with the flush. I waited a few days and then did the final transplant into a ff mix of ocean forrest and light warrior with some perlite ans lime. I have just watered it and boy did it come back. Its a wide bugger. I must have planted her a little deep because I carefully moved some soil and found little leaves trying to grow. So I moved more dirt and the last watering I added 1/2 strength kanga roots and micro brew both by ff. The plant is thriving. Should I leave it alone. Or should I remove more dirt. I dont want to shock it. The next water im giving her some protekt by dyna grow. I have given the plants only distilled water with a little h2o2 added. I have a small co2 generator. I also planted another one. This one doesnt look as broad as the older one did. These are two different strains so its neat to see. I am a reiki practitioner and I give my plants reiki every day. Reiki is becoming more reconized as medicinal and plants love the extra energy. Heres a few pics. The pictures are from my tablet. Poor camera. There is no signs of anything going wrong. She is about a month.
    The little one almost 2 weeks

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  2. Id just let it grow. It will be fine

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  3. I would love some feedback. I read a crap load of stickies then read more. I was told adding the root food wont hurt the plant neither adding the protekt which is tomorrow. I did a ton of reasearch, relaxed, read and read more books on how to grow. It is quite a very in depth bit of knowledge for one plant. I am now waking up wanting to go say good morning to my babies. My wife gets a kick out of it. Says I look like a kidin a candy store. I am converting the closet into a small grow room. I have all the reflective material up and some HO T5s and a 6700k spiral cfl in a dome 10"reflector.thats for when the big plant gets too big for the box. I am also using it at night to give my little one 24 hrs of light until i do the final transplant into another 2 gallon smart pot. I will find a way to block all light off in a section so when the 12/12 comes ill have a secured place so no light gets in. I am getting so excited. Being a disabled vet with a bad back sitting at home because I cant work, this has made my days alot better.
  4. That is what I was doing. It looks healthy and it has been growing fastef. I have to water everyother day. Sometimes its two but its getting closer to being every other day. Thank you Neonrio.
  5. Dont go overboard with feeding them. You will kill them. Let them get 9-12 inches to start that. Whats your soil?

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  6. Dont over water them either. Let them dry out a bit in between watering a lot of people think weed likes hot humid wet soil. They like the temps no higher then 78 and at night no lower then 62.

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  7. Your humidity for young plants like that should be around 50-65rh

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  8. Damn! Sounds like you know a bit about what your doing. :) to answer your question, as long as theres some leaves for the light to hit, itll grow if its buried a little too deep. Ive done it on a few plants, in the end, the extra parts that were buried I swear grew roots out of it.

    I'm liking the short fat stance. Just be careful watering to not let those leaves sit in the soil.

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  9. yea it happens.....just dont over water or ur gonnna hate it
  10. I never worry about the low stuff.  I usually cut off all nodes within an inch of the soil though.  It keeps the leaves from sitting in the soil and possibly causing disease and such.
  11. What strain is the short one?  My Super Skunk autos are super-short and have the big wide leaves like yours.

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