Have you ever had that "instant-sober" moment?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Devastator31, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. You know when you're blazin and something really horrible happens and it's like a slap in your face and you're completely sober from moments before?

    Yesterday on my way back from chiefin' it with my bro's and my girlfriend, it was around 6 in the morning and as we were pulling into my neighborhood, my mom drove right passed us on one of the turns leading into my neighborhood.

    Shit was weak and I was instantly sober.

    Luckily enough she was tired as fuck and didn't recognize my friends car.

    Or this one time my friend was blazin it and he broke his SG, cracked the neck right off and he was instantly sober.
  2. only when i wake up,

    but shit sometimes not even then.
  3. yea i look in the rear view and see those red and blue lights :(
  4. Same. The one time I've been in a car that's been pulled over and we were smoking. One second I was high as fuck the next I was only scared as fuck.
  5. This is one of those "point them out" moments.

    If you know they aren't 18, point them out.
    No seasoned smoker tweaks when his mom drives by him on his way to his own house.


    "Dude... Dude is that moms car?"
    "Oh my god, dude thats moms car. fuck. fuck. Dude shes looking at us"
    "Dont look at her."..."Did she see us?"
    "Fuck... I think so."
  6. He could be 18 and still live at home, senior probably.

  7. I'm staying with my parents because it's summer and I go to college at UT and it's a lot less expensive than renting an apartment and my parents pay for everything because I have a 3.5 gpa


    I wasn't scared because I snuck out,
    I was scared because we were boxin it

  8. +rep for defending yourself. i stay at home for summer break from college
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    What you said is just 100% true- if ur a seasoned smoker ur not goin to flip out just cuz u saw ur mom drivin passed u- i probably would have turned around and followed her just cuz it would have been funny as shit- HAHA silly stoner


    Um, cops get me sober pretty quick.
  11. buzzkill...when i wake up.....other than that.....nothing much ive experienced..yet...
  12. Back when I was like 15 I was at my friends house.. we ended up having about 15 people over when his parents were at work after school one day. We were all sitting in his garage passing the bong.. Then someone fucking opens the garage door! everyone sprints out the back door and is scared shitless. Me being an idiot just sits there and stares at the car about to come into the garage. It ended up just being his brother trying to scare the shit out of us. I almost pooped my pants.. I sobered up right away. Until we all sat back down and started to smoke more.
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    Yes, genius, most of us thought of that while reading it. But why do you feel the need to make a big deal out of it?

    Would you be happy if your neighbor threw a shit-fit after catching a slight whiff of pot-smoke? Learn to let sleeping dogs lie.

    Have the moderators started offering cash prizes for turning in under-age posters? You guys are like third-graders eager to tattle on someone for the sake of your own twisted self-satisfaction.
  14. Im sorry bout this man... but *tears up* that was beautiful. Big 'ol Rep thingy for you
  15. Only one time truely.
    Xanax Bars = Trouble Bars

    Everyone passed out, i was up and energetic for some reason, and hungry... Decide to take my friends car to shiply's, and a number of other random ass places.... Ended up running into the bottom of a light pole on the top of a parking garage. Inverted the whole grill and hood. Did 2k damage.

    It was truely surreal when it happend, kind of in slow motion, extremely trippy. I got out of the car, just in shock, not blinking, just staring, and I got completely sober. I was fucked................
  16. OMG. +Rep on that. Thats Funny.. Thanxkbye
  17. Yeah, when a cop frisked me and found nothing on me but still sum scary shit.
  18. only once.

    i was fucking high and going to get blazed.

    this was when i was like 16, and i had a myspace with pictures of me high and people talking about all the times i was stoned.

    well i was walking out the door, my dad looked me straight in the face and said, "alright, have fun, dont get to high and throw up again."

    and i am just like what...walked out the door and it hit me.

    that took the high away.

    come to find out, he blazes, my grandpa blazes, my uncle was a huge drug dealer.
    so now its a joke when we toke up.
  19. Are you kidding me? How is stating the obvious, as you put it, snitching to moderators for cash? He practically said it himself, using a little less detail.

    The forum has rules, and rules are set for a reason. Obviously, there are underage kids on here, but if somebody posts something like "today was a good day. i smoked up and went on a field trip to the zoo" they deserve to be pointed out simply because not many 18 year olds go on field trips to the zoo. Its digging your own grave
  20. Can't we all just get along?!?!?!?

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