have you ever had that feeling?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Dec 3, 2002.

  1. Its almost as if you take a step out of your body, without thinking about it, it just happens, and you have this feeling, almost undescribable, but like, wow. this is life, Im alive, I am living. Its as if you raise above yourself sitting or standing there, and get a quick glimpse of reality as it is, just life. I get a slight dizzy feeling for maybe a second or 2, not long at all, and then I just think to myself, wow..Im alive and here and doing this. its odd, but its been happening to me a lot more recently than any other time. I dunno why or what would cause it, but has anyone else ever feel this?
  2. Yea that has happened to me alot in the past. Now days I live in a dream world. Reality only hits me on mondays and fridays.
  3. yeah stuff like that has happened before when i was completely sober in the middle of some woods its realy a wierd feeling like everything is goin a different speed than you and you just watch it go by. i didnt know if anybody had that happen like i had
  4. Have'nt done the out of body thing in awhile.

    But man!

    The Deja Vu' has been happening at lot lately!
  5. Have'nt done the out of body thing in awhile.

    But man!

    The Deja Vu' has been happening at lot lately!
  6. i have had that happen to me...and it is weird...you zone out and see everthing in its place...its a little like hitting movie mode...where everything around you is a movie...lol...now that's high...and if there's music...shiiiit...it becomes the newest video...but the out of body is more intense...
    what i have been having lately is the intense conversation that leads to revalation...where the words i am being told actually begin to echo...as they are being said...and they rumble in my head and i zone out to where i am hearing but applying and analyzing all at once and hurting because the words are opening me up...and now i am rambling...but has that ever happened...where someone see you so profoundly and tells you just what they see and it shoots straight thru you...but like they say in books...i don't know...hehe

    i'm high...

  7. smokinokie, you are just too funny ;) lol
  8. that loving feeling? OOOOH OHOH OHOOOH!!!

    lol, i'm falling into memories, pretty good ones too, that's a song, have you lost that loving feeling, or something to that effect.

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