Have you ever had pizza like this?

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    With pizza being so popular in the USA, why aren't there more pizza places that serve this type of pizza?
    I ate this type of pizza all the time in Italy, even in non-fancy restaurants for 10-12 euros.  Why is this not the norm for pizza?  I'm going to make some on the grill...maybe.  I'm so high and the last post about pizza vanished.  I think Grass City may be affiliated with Dominoes and/or Pizza and/or Papa Johns and/or one or more other shitty pizza companies, fighting to keep this pizza out of the USA so that they can gain more profits.  Fuck you bad pizza makers.  Seriously, it really pisses me off...kind of. 
    If you've ever had the privilege to eat good brick-oven pizza, then you know why I say such things.  Mens' dicks get hard and Ladie's snatches become pressure washers right before they eat a slice of pizza from a standard pizza oven that only reaches 550 degrees, yet they don't know that their pizza should have been cooked in a brick oven at 900 degrees instead.  Moisture kills pizza, folks, and that's why you don't put all that bull shit on the pizza.
    And for the record, good coffee starts with good coffee.  You shouldn't need to put sugar and titty milk in it. 
    Do you like brick oven pizza?

  2. Of course I love brick oven pizza. But to be honest there is some conveyor belt pizza out there that is just as good, and I'm not talking about the normal PizzaSlut/DomiHo/CrappaJohns chains. In Iowa there are convenience stores called Casey's, and they make what I believe to be the greatest pizza I've ever had... And I've ate my fair share of pizza across this country..
  3. There's this place in Saint Louis that has the best pizza in the world. Here is a menu for all of you stoners.
    God I love pizza. I love CPK too.
    Fuck me Trafizz, we must be soulmates. Casey's breakfast pizza is to die for, and I'll go out of my way to get pizza at Casey's if I'm on a road trip.
  5. Man I love proper fresh stone baked pizzas. They're super quick to cook too. I think the main reason you don't see them around much is the cost of the ovens. And like you say there's too much competition from the big guys.
  6. Haha that's aweomse!! Their breakfast pizza is so amazing. I usually get a slice every friday morning before work.
    And I love CPK too! I lived in California for a few years in my early 20's and would eat at CPK all the time. I have to settle with the froze ones now, but they are still good. 
  7. yes, theres a place close by that makes sicilian pizza owned by a sicilian family. they are licensed by an association in sicily to make the pizza, Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana. 
    theres also an americanized place called the mellow mushroom and that shit is SO GOOD. 
  8. That pizza looks friking amazing
  9. There are great pizza places here in Chicago. Small pizza shops are better than those big chain pizza franchises 10 out of 10 times.
  10. I can get that for 99 cent on my block :cool:

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  11. Where is that pizza from?
  12. Damn I gotta call up dominoes and get some cinnasticks and a large pizza....

    Anyone else love cinnasticks? I. Love. Them.
  13. Honestly i like both kinds. I love me an artisan pizza but i won't turn down a slice of dominoes or pizza hut. My favorite chain pizza has to be Papa Murphy's just reminds me of homemade ones my mom baked.
  14. No but I'm stoned as fuck and hungry nos
  15. ermahgerd, I haven't had a pizza like that since my trip to Italia.  Those of you with regular access to brick oven pizzas are bastards and I'm jealous. :p
  16. This menu sucks. We need pics!
  17. Now that is good looking pizza
    The pizzas I ate in Italy made NYC taste like average Pizza.  Lombardi's is good, but the sauce is bland and the pizza is overpriced.  I'm so high and want pizza right now.  Fuck already ate chicken. so high.
  19. Mmmm wow that pizza looks delicious.
  20. id rather have a fire cooked calzone.

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