Have you ever had a vision/spiritual experience?

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  1. Well, have you? Let's hear about it! Maybe we can help decipher any hidden meanings :D

    I've had only one "divine" vision, and that's when I saw a "God"/angel/idk really who appeared in my room, looked me dead in the eye, then vanished.

    He looked like a Mayan God, but he was gold but transparent also, and colors seemed to be flowing through him. I'm really not sure what brought about this vision, although I was meditating/praying quite frequently, and also reading the Bhagavad-Gita pretty often. It was around sunset or just after I believe, it was about a year ago.

    Anyway immediately once I saw him I started crying. Well not crying, but my eyes started watering like crazy, my body was tingling all over, and I was just basically in awe. It only lasted like a second, but it was incredible. :smoke:
  2. I also experienced time before it happened in a dream. Pretty hard to explain because thats not even an accurate description. It's like if you took an old school tape for film or music and you spliced out one of the sections and put it earlier in chronological order than the thing was supposed to happen.
  3. Dude, weird shit happens.. I go with it.

    Like... I can't even explain it... not high enough
  4. I dont remember what day of the first week of january, i was meditating at the beach after a toke of weed. Since i started i had this amazing feeling of tranquility and joy, after a while of shamantha focusing i heard a voice in my head: Im God, i come to speak to you. It went away the same way it came, then a thought of "am i crazy?" came into my mind, and a few seconds after that i heard the same voice say: I am love.

  5. Damn dude... awesome :D

    What'd it sound like?

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