Have you ever had a sad high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Metal Militia, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Idk like I was blazed just 15 mins ago and then i just started thinking about like my failing relationship and whatever that usually doesn't really take me over like it is now...

    Does that ever happen to anyone when you smoke?
  2. Yeah it happened to me on my birthday last week.

    Also back in February I was high when my boyfriend of a year told me he didn't love me anymore and dumped me out of nowhere. That night was fucking horrible.
  3. i dont think ive had a sad high in the 5 years ive had smoking. maybe paranoia but never sadness
  4. ive had that more than once. weed is an enhancer, it enhances happiness, so its gonna enhance sadness too.
  5. this one time my best relationship ever had just kinda ended i thought i was fine then i blazed and felt good and i started to come down and just wanted to curl up and cry it was horrible i was so sad
  6. i find myself listening to \memory playlist on iTunes and thinking of the nicew memories, sometimes it makes me sad
  7. i've had a sad high before...i'm sure it happens to everyone at some point.
  8. yeah i have. D: it sucks you just get so down about everything and think the world is ending.
    lawl at least for me ):

    but then i just wait for a little bit and think happy and spark up again :smoking:
  9. yeah, usually happens on days i feel off. simple solution: dont chief when you dont feel 100%.
  10. yea...right after i moved to a new now(still had my old towns weed...) and i started thinking i had no friends and i will never be no one....then i thought i was dieing when i was passing out....never going to try bubba kush again!!! im sticking to sativas
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    wow im glad last night is over, that was horrible. i had the worst dream about the same stuff too.

    last night made me never want to try any other drugs either, cuz if i got a bad high off weed like that, id be scared as hell about a bad trip from lsd or shrooms.
  12. Iunno I've been getting sad when smoking alone, but when im with others nowadays i dont get sad. Just smoke with your boys, thats the only advice i can give you know. Go geek. :laughing:
  13. Yea I've had some really intense ones, but its good because I think it kind of takes away the plastic slip covers of life...as cliche as that sounds. However, I wouldn't really say sad, I just randomly realize something I never have before and it depresses me but I get over it and feel good.
  14. I definitely have, but only once or twice. Usually when I smoke when I'm feeling crappy, it lifts that mood off completely. But theres been times where it makes me zone out into depression, and thats no good. Hope you feel better.
  15. It happens to me every now and then when I have a more introspective high. I just like to try and take my different viewpoint (stoned) and use it to learn something about the situations.
  16. Sad highs happen to me more frequently than happy highs. It gets me low. Not depressed, just sad. I cry a lot during these highs, or rather, lows.

    It happens, usually only when I am alone, left to my thoughts.
  17. It can definitely happen to me, I believe toking makes me far more emotionally vulnerable... I cry during movies, react a lot stronger to most things in general. So yeah, it can amplify depressive thinking for me as well. It's not a bad thing, we all need to get some of that negativity out of our system, think of it as emotional purging!
  18. With herb, maybe once or twice.
  19. yeah,when i think about shit that makes me sad.but i try not do that.i just pop in some Jadakiss and feel good again:smoking:
  20. once in a great while. i don't get really sad, but i come to a lot of realizations, and it's depressing for a little while, but i get over and just blaze more.

    hmmm.... can't wait to blaze later.

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