Have you ever had a cold sore/fever blister before?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GolgiApparatus, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Y or N (circle one)
  2. Hasnt everyone?
  3. Yeah its been years though. I mean i haven't had one since like elemtary school.
  4. No, because I don't have the herps.
  5. herpes is for life bro...
  6. I have had Herpes-1 before.
  7. Never contracted herpes.
  8. No, never.

    One of my good friends gets fever blisters all over her mouth whenever she goes to the coast.. I dunno, maybe the humidity or something.. Anyway, makes me cringe real fuckin bad:bolt:

  9. lmfao best quote ever from that movie
  10. No, thankfully. I know of some people that do and they look pretty, well awful. The sores, not the people.(well maybe some of the people)
  11. Why do so many stoners have cold sores? It is seriously a majority?

    Is it because of all the pipe and paper sharing?

  12. probably.

    I get them when I am really stressed.
  13. I used to play in band back in HS, if you dropped your mouthpiece on the ground you will most definitely get a cold sore if you try playing it right away without rinsing it off. When you buzz your lips in the mouthpiece, it allows dirt that is on it to penetrate deep into your pores and it causes a cold sore. And its microscopic too, its nothing visible that you can see.

  14. Only problem... Its caused by herpes not dirt.
  15. Yeah... Band room floors are usually covered in spit.... soo..... that may cause the spread of herpes... lol
  16. You get cold sores( Aka herpes type 1) from direct skin to skin contact with a person who has a outbreak, That being said no i have never thankfully had one, I may have contracted the virus before through all the pipe and joint sharing with other people but i live a pretty stress free life so that may be the reason i haven't got one.

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