have you ever had a bat hit you in the head while high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr Gatsby, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. It sucks really bad. The flying vampire kind
  2. Bats are adorable. What did you do to piss it off that it had to suckerpunch you?
  3. No I can not say I have been hit in the head by a bat while high.. I don't smoke in caves
  4. no...but, i have had a high hit me like a bat out of hell.
  5. Heh, what were you doing when the bat swooped down and gotcha? I love bats. When I was much younger, my good friend and I used to sit under the street light on the corner and play our guitars after sunset. After a while, the bats would come to the street lights to find bugs. They were attracted to the vibrations of our strings too. They would begin to swoop down, and fly all around us. Up and down, and around and around. I was scared at first, but my friend kept me calm. I miss those days.
  6. There's a cave I get high and go in, and it's got some pretty tight squeezes. I was really blazed in it and in one of the tighter of these crawls when a bat flew in their with me and started zooooooming around my head. Scary as shit.
  7. I've been hit in the head with a baseball bat, while wearing a full face motorcycle helmet as I was holding in a huge ass bong hit of OG Headband Kush....That's the closest I can come to your story...
  8. hahaha holy shit, what happened?
  9. Aw dude it's the shit!
    When I had a pool I'd go in for some night swimming and put on goggles and float so that my nose and face were barely breaking the surface and bats would ping off my goggles. Was rad.
  10. i remember when i had some headband, that shit go me an outerspace high
  11. This is some fucking weird shit!

  12. If I got up on my roof at dusk I could do it. Flying foxes and bats are always flying over at that time.
  13. i've goten hit in the head with a baseballbat before.

    gave me a gash that gave me some stiches and the next day off from school :)
  14. Theresafter this canal type of thing and before smoking in my own room or garage we used to Fo there and blaze up. Anyway as time moved more and more bats came. And there was this bridge over the canal so there's two slopes and one bridge, they used to kick it under the bridge and just guano everywhere. Anyway I we trying to impress this girl kinda and I wa high as fuck and stood half way up the steep slope wall thing. All these bats were flying everywhere. Then one fuckin hit my head, I feeaked out jumped down in comfort with the girl and blazed more..so I guess it worked out :) thanks Batman always got my back
  15. Closest I ever came to that was getting punched in the face by some asshole with a deep voice dressed as a bat.

  16. then you are missing out on a real treat... spelunking is Bad Ass when high...;)
  17. [​IMG]
  18. ahah never but sounds like a really bad trip
  19. lol no, been bottle with a bottle though does that count?

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