Have you ever green out? What happened?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by piffjar, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Ive never been that high that I green out! Have you? How does it feel?
  2. [quote name='"piffjar"']Ive never been that high that I green out! Have you? How does it feel?[/quote]

    Green out? What's it mean, like black out from weed? o_O
  3. I did long ago when I had a low tolerance and just smoked to much. Hard to describe how it feels but I passed out and came back hurling all over my desk, self and school stuff in Spanish class sophomore year... Horribly embarrassing to say the least. I practically soaked my shirt in stomach acid.
  4. Just googled it.. Yes I have lol when I first started smoking me and this girl smoked a few big bowls in her room and I felt weird and way too high and got up to walked toward the bathroom. but once I got out of her room I got that dizzy feeling where your heads light and you can't really see and then I just passed out and fell down her stairs.

    Woke up in like 2 seconds though and went in the bathroom and splashed water on my face and felt better after like 10 minutes but I couldn't stand right and was still dizzy after first falling. Once I came back in the room she goes "did you just fall down my stairs?" I just straight up denied it lol and told her like 4 years later.

    Wicked funny looking back, it was a pretty big flight of stairs and I just tumbled on down.
  5. Yeah I greened out once. Smoked too much with such a low tolerence. I puked twice then passed out. It sucked but in the morning I was fine
  6. I got cross faded once, not sure if it was the booze, weed, or both. :p but it was the most intense high ive had since my first high XD my perception of reality was a little twisted. I didnt have a clue what was happening at the time. but about 40+ minutes in shit went downhill and i passed the fuck out haha
  7. Never passed out from bud but I've def been "too high" before a few times. First was in high school when I started smoking I hit a milked bong and literally thought I was going to die I burnt my lungs so bad lol. The other times my head just feels too crazy where its overwhelming to the point where I pace back and forth for an hour.
  8. Yeah, you just get so high that it's not enjoyable anymore.

    I had to be helped by my friend with my arm over his shoulder to walk to his room and pass out. I just fell asleep in there and slept like a baby, woke up the next morning fine.
  9. Is this the same thing as when you smoke to much of some unexpectedly strong weed and all of a sudden you can't move or talk? Because that happened to me once. I remember I was sitting in a chair holding a guitar and I leaned over to turn on the amp or something and all of a sudden I was just frozen. People were coming in and saying hi and whatnot but I just couldn't respond.
  10. Yeah it happened to me after a t-break, but i only got pale and dizzy. i just needed a drink with a snack, and i was good.
  11. Yeah, closest I've come is when I "Threw a whitey" = pale and dizzy and can barely talk or move. Its a weed + low blood sugar thing. This was from eating some DANK ass firecrackers. It took about 3 hours to recover to where we could get up from the couch.
  12. Man up.

    Sith doesnt allow pussies.
  13. I thought I did but turns out it was fucking Salvia, not a good experience AT ALL.
  14. I have several times. The first time I was throwing up in a friend's basement back in high school, and I was so high that when they gave me a plastic grocery bag to throw up in, I thought I was supposed to wipe the puke on the floor up with it instead lol.

    Most recently (like four days ago), I got so high that I was concentrating TOO hard on walking, so I kept forgetting how to, and eventually started blacking out and threw up a bit.

    I throw up a LOT though, even if I'm just a bit tipsy on alcohol I throw up fairly often. I have a weak stomach when it comes to drugs.
  15. Is what everyone's talking about actually blacking out?
    Cause you can black out on weed, it's happened.
    Is it called a green out?

  16. Everyone has a different definition of greening out, most people consider getting "the spins", loss of vision, throwing up, loss of conciousness, etc to be greening.
  17. Ohhhh.
    Then no.
    I haven't had the spins since the very first time I smoked xD
    Loss of vision? Shit! I'd be spooked :smoke:
  18. I once saw my friend green out. He finished a bowl and just goes "I need some air" Walks towards the door and just collapsed on the flyscreen and layed there. He would not even pick up a glass of water lol.
  19. I did it was a crazy night (I've got a mega low tolerance) so I went to my friends house at like 12 I was about to smoke and I knocked my bubbler off the table (RIP) I got mad so I smoked ALOT of bowls through the bong in like 15 mins and i hadn't eaten all day then we left cuz his mom was gunna come home we saw people following us and we had a bad trip I was about to puke and it was below 30 degrees and all I had was a t shirt so we ended up sitting on a curb smoking cigarettes until my friends aunt picked us up
  20. Do you mean celcius because 30 degrees is a pretty warm some would say hot day.

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