Have You Ever Given Your Boss The Finger?

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  1. Say GC, have you ever quit your job in an awesome way? If so, why did you quit, and what did you do? I've quit jobs before, but always on good terms. Not this last time though. Although I didn't do anything that could be considered awesome when I quit.
    -I worked as a food runner at a restaurant.
    - One of the cooks was a cool Muslim black guy who eventually became my dealer then went on to become one of my friends. He's worked there for going on 4 years, I've been there only a year when I quit.
    -Kitchen staff started off with 8 people. Over the next 12 months, boss fired 5 people.
    -Excess work was left to me, my dealer/friend, and one other person. 
    -I started as a foodrunner, by the time I quit I was running food, bussing tables, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, AND cooking food, (wasn't even trained to cook) but they refused to pay me anything over 5.15 an hour. Same thing goes for my friend.
    -We went on strike one morning. Boss came in and was furious, told me to get the fuck out, then told my friend to straighten up or he would be written up. He said hell no and left right behind me.
    -Went home together, smoked several bowls and drank beer while playing Call of Duty.
    -Unemployed ever since then, but totally would have no money than go back to that place again. Looking back now, I wish I would've given my boss the finger, or taken my work shirt off to throw in her face. All I did was say "bye." then got up and left, never to be seen again. That place really treated their employees like trash, I was thinking of going back to do something bad to them, but my brain tells me to let this one go.

  2. That sounds like an awful predicament, and a horribly run restaurant. It's good you've gotten out of there. I wouldn't be surprised if they shut down.
  3. when i was working at a convenience store, the schedule got changed and i didn't receive the updated schedule. so my boss calls me when my shift i didn't know i had started and i wasn't there. i told him i'd be like an hour because the call woke me up (it was 7:30 in the morning on a sunday) and i had to get ready, which he didn't like. he said "this is your warning, you already missed a shift this week and if it happens again you're fired".
    i replied "well, i have a time slip in my pocket that says i worked 39.75 hours this past week, and i know you don't schedule for full-time. so consider this my two weeks notice". i got to work and compared the schedule i was given at the start of the week with the updated schedule, and i hadn't missed a shift.
    i worked at a sandwich place one summer during high school, they cut my hours back and i was getting ready to go back to school anyway. but i showed up for work and they had a list of all the shit jobs around the establishment for me to do on my last scheduled shift. first on the list was squeezing the water out of a huge can of tuna to make tuna salad. i took off my apron, tossed it on the boss's desk and punched out. i had a date that evening and after squeezing tuna, you smell like it for a couple of days. wasn't gonna show up to my date like that haha.
  4. Wait...you went on strike and didn't expect to be fired without the protection/backing of a union?
    But, no. I don't burn bridges over petty shit like jobs. I wouldn't leave like that, never know how it will hurt you down the line.
  5. It was really bad. I worked at McDonald's when I was a teenager and had a better time and made better money. This place was a terribly run trashy restaurant. They didn't shut down, but we did manage to make them close down for a week since the 2 of us leaving only left 1 person there by themself. This was during St. Patricks weekend too so we know they lost a ton of potential business.  :hello:
  6. I guess you could call it a strike. We basically said we deserve extra money for all the extra jobs we're pulling or they need to hire more people, if not then we quit. So we ended up just quitting. 
    I see, you didn't realize how replaceable you guys were without protection. Employers could easily hire people to work your wage unfortantely, if you're very valued in the company if you threaten a boss with requests of more wage, they will 9.9/10 not give in, they have no reason to when people would kill for a job.
    Sucks that happened though.
  8. Of course I knew how replaceable we were. It was a shit job with shit pay. We knew going into the strike we would probably end up going right back home. But I wasn't going to just quit if there was a small chance to change the work place environment. 
  9. Being a dishwasher, I do all of those jobs you listed OP and more. I only get paid minimum wage. I'm not complaining.
  10. My first job when I was 16 was a dishwasher.  Worked there for like a year and then one day shit was just madness and the cook was such a prick, I threw my apron at him walked through the kitchen to where it was a packed house sunday morning everyone eating.  Gave him two middle fingers and was like "FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER THIS PLACE FUCKIN SUCKS, FUCK YOUUUUUU!"  the faces on people was priceless.  and yeah went to my friends house and smoked mad weed and laughed about it.  
  11. Don't worry, you'll start complaining when you and 1 other person are doing a 5 person job at 5.15 an hour, not minimum wage.
  12. I have gave my boss the finger, just a couple days ago. It was in a joking way. We were having a discussion about having kids, I said I was never going to have kids, to which he replied "Yeah I guess you'd have to get laid first, and that ain't happening" So I flipped him off and said "Ehhh go fuck yourself" It was pretty funny actually.
    On a serious note, I've never walked out on a job, but I do know where your coming from. I've had friends get stepped on and taken advantage of at work, basically pulling everyones weight. It's a shitty situation to be in :(
    Hope things work out for you man, feel proud that you walked out. It's one thing to suck things up and work hard without complaining, but when you are being taken advantage of, and not appreciated for it, that's the only thing to do really. 
  13. I'd suggest putting your 2 weeks in and keeping your experience there available for future jobs. If you have gaps in your working history, job employers  question your dedication to work. Or you could say you worked there but left, and refuse to give them contact info, they doubt your consistency for the job.
    I'd neve recommend burning bridges, you're free to leave but why do it in a way that gives you 5 seconds of satisfaction followed by regret.
  14. Yes I agree, burning bridges with employers can come back  to bite you in the ass. But really, it depends on the type of job we're talking about. This sounds like a really entry level kitchen bitch job, I'm sure other employers in the same industry won't be too caught up about it.
    I tend to leave certain jobs out of my resume even if they ended on good terms. A quick list of some of your better places of employment can be better than a long list of short term jobs. 
  15. chumlee tried to quit by taking an elephant shit on my desk, but I allowed it :confused:
  16. I agree with what you did but me personally I never burn bridges.. I have a long job history and all of them will give me a insane reference.. but do what you gotta do, sounds like you were getting shit on big time and I probably would have done the same thing.
  17. Many times!!! Cussed him out everytime too. Last time was last Thursday. I always end with " ... and I dare you to fire me bitch!!!"
  18. Well. . .sounds like if you keep that up you will get fired. 
  19. I think I'm good. I've been working for this guy for 9 years now. If he wanted me gone, I'd be gone. We work in a high stress environment and he understands that. He sits at home and collect checks while me and my crew operate without problems.
    Last Thursday he came on the job site at 1:00 pm with a case of coors lite, so I cussed him out for slowing us down and not bringing Heinekin for me instead because he knows thats what I drink.
  20. This made me laugh! In all seriousness, what I really don't understand ever since I landed in the U.S. is that companies don't care one bit about you, since you are NOT seen as an asset and can be easily replaced. Laws? They are the ones that set them and the ones that change them to suit them, not us. Want proof? Try just try living in the good ole south, in the country...I meant surviving...

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