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Have you ever given someone an edible without them knowing?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Notshooked, May 7, 2011.

  1. So i was reading the thread about some kid wanting to give a pot brownie to his mom(lol) and I was wondering; have any of you guys ever given an edible to someone without them knowing, like your friends or family? and what was their reaction?
  2. I don't drug people without their consent...but that would be some funny shit.
  3. If they knew what was going to happen to them(someone who's used before), and they weren't busy, then yes.
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    I gave one to afriend of mine that had a mid-term in about half an hour without him knowing lmao. He smokes weed, but not that often. He simply said 'it allowed him to enjoy himself rather than i the stress he went through studying'

  5. ha ive always wanted to give my mom or teacher one and all the asshole kids that say people who smoke pot are idiots and dumb. Some kid always makes facebook statuses about people who smoke are dumb and shit but hes never done it and I really wanna give him a brownie so he would stfu and see how great it is
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  6. No...Can't really say I've ever thought to either.
  7. if someone never been high before its a pretty fucked up thing to do
  8. I made my mom and her boyfriend weed tacos before. I really just made them for me and they had some too. They seemed kinda funny but idk. They were dank tho.
  9. It was my girlfriend's birthday the other day and I'm so tempted to bake her a pot laced cake (she doesn't get high). I'm not really interested in her getting furious with me and having her leave me so I'll hold off on it.
  10. i wish someone would give me pot brownies without me about the best surprise ever lol. "thanks man this is deliciou.....wait....whats that extra flavor?" "that's the magic man" "oh dear god yes"
  11. i have to try this.
  12. Do not go down the slippery slope of idiocracy. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :smoke:

  13. [​IMG]
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    yeah, i have. and they took it like everyday shit
    because it was everyday shit
  15. Me and 3 of my friends decide to do a bad surprise party for another friend. Me and one of the three friends were talking and got the idea "what if we drug them?" because my parents were out of town that weekend and I had the house to myself, and none of us had gone near weed except one (the one who came up with the idea). So we bought edibles (gummy worms) and put it ON the cake to make it easier for them to take them. 2 of the 3 ate it and didn't know until we told them 10 minutes later. The other friend bit into it and knew it was an edible and spit it out.

    For 4 hours we were all flying high while one was watching us making sure we didn't o anything stupid.

    No one except the one that spit it out cared. They had too much fun to complain. Also, I told them ahead of time the party was 5-12, making sure they didn't go home stoned.

    We were all 16 by the way

  16. OP is 6 years old.
  17. No, that is some rather childish behavior. I've had someone give me drugs that I didn't know about before. Because the person didn't ask, what they gave me counteracted with other drugs in my system. Its not funny at all. Anyone that does that deserves whatever happens to them, and are no better than a rapist.

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