Have you ever found weed?

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  1. One time I was riding my bike home from the Y. As I was coming down my street I passed a plastic bag with what looked like weed. I immediately stopped and turned around to look. It was weed so I took it home, called some friends up and me,my brother,and this girl smoked 3 blunts with it. Best. Day. Ever.

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  2. I was walking back from a store I was passing being a motel and saw a towel when I picked it up it was full of weed over a pound. I was young maybe 9 so I brought it to my mother's work and the burnt it with a torch multiple times to make sure it "was weed" then they called the cops and I got a plastic badge lol
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  3. 2014 shortly before the town festival I was smoking one at an old freight station and found 1,5 g walking home. That was some hell of a festival
  4. In the mid 90s i found a nug in an elevator and a bunch of shake. I swept that shit up, dirt and all and smoked it with my friend.

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  5. I've found weed that I've lost n the house or hid to well
  6. I found Jesus once.

    Just once.

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    Way back in 7th grade i was walking to my bus stop and its about a quarter mile walk and i had just started smoking with a my best friend that year. I was walking just kinda, walkin and thinkin like normal not expecting to be high that day amd not caring about it. I saw this bag, one of those small bags you could probaby stuff a ground up gram and a half in and the bag was stuffed haha. I dont remember smelling it or caring i just assumed it was weed as i was still pretty new to it. My buddy had showed up with a baggy of a little he stole from his dads stash so he had the gatorade bottle and tin foil ready to go and i smiled and showed him what i had and said to save his for tomorrow morning or after school. So we just stuffed everything from this bag i found into the typical gatorade bowl and lit up without either one of us even inspecting in haha. That shit was laced up because i cant forget that high, it wasnt bad or scary but it was like no other. We hopped on the bus went to the back cause we were cool(sike, first stop haha and my school was about 40 minutes because we had so many stops) and i just remember my buddies head looking like he was a human rat and i couldnt stop laughing about it, i leaned back a little bit and blacked out for about 3 minutes and my buddy was talking to me the whole time and didnt know i was in another world for a few minutes. I knew i blacked out completely still sitting up because i leaned back(not laying down but a solid lean), there were a few other kids on the bus beaides us now and asked what happened and we continued to joke and everything we were doing just felt so animated, like it wasnt a normal high i felt like i had sunk into my own body and i couldnt control my actions.By the time we got to school I was less high, enough to get through the security without being weird(our middle school was in a shit area and was a magnet school as well so we had random security checks due to a bunch of bomb threats). After that i remember being dead tired before lunch. It was a good time. Haha
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  8. maybe this counts...

    a few months ago, i was stuck in the house, trying my hardest to get a plug that could drive to me. i was sitting in my desk chair, watching shameless, covered in a blanket.
    i shifted around in the blanket, looked down, and saw about a half g nug just stuck to it. best feeling.

    another time, it was early in the morning so i couldn't cop. found a nice looking nug on my rolling table behind a coffee mug.

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  9. A very long time ago I was at a party at a friend's place. We smoked everything we had. After everyone left I found a small bag of weed in the couch. Split it 50/50 with my friend, made a pretty good ending to a good night.
  10. A couple of summers back, my brother and I happened to run out of bud at a really shitty time, like a few days before we could get more, and I was walking through a gas station parking lot near my house when right as I came up on the side of the building, there was a sandwich baggie on the ground, which when I walked past kind of thought was empty. Thinking better of it, I actually look and lo and behold, almost a full eighth of some really, really sticky dank, all in one giant cola nug. It's pretty much the only time I've found herb like that ever, but damn do I remember how much that saved the day.

  11. Was sitting in a parking lot saw a guy get out of his car and stuff a paper bag under his car in the frame wben he went in the store i pulled up and got it it was a pound of weed dumb ass should of left it in the car
  12. Not exactly. But...

    I was working in a restaurant many years ago, before weed was legalized here in Orygun, and my boss found a little wooden pipe on the floor out in the dining room.


    The restaurant was attatched to a bar, and we used to hang out there afterwards with the local cops, who just happened to like that bar for a late night drinking spot. I was sitting there, with a couple of detectives, when my boss walked right up to me, handed me the pipe, and said,

    'I found this weed pipe. I think you know what to do with it.'

    I looked down at it. The bowl was packed with stinky green bud.

    'Yeah,' I said, 'I'll see to,it that it's destroyed...'

    I put the pipe in my pocket. The cops all laughed. I wound up giving the pipe to my roommate when I got home, because I had plenty of my own weed, but he needed a bowl to help him get through... :D
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  14. I have two co workers that have....but I haven't. One of the co workers found a dime bag in a 7-11 parking lot..some poor fool had a bad day that day. The other found it inside our workplace......and he flushed it..I was sad, but at least it wasn't mine to begin with. The first co worker smoked his.... The second co worker doesn't smoke.
  15. One time I was driving through the windy back roads in the hills behind my house, on the side of the road I see a big black trash bag, I jump out to look in and find its full of popcorn nugs and trim. Made a lot of BHO runs that day, lol. (These roads are pretty common for people to dump their rubbish from indoor grow ops..every now and then you are lucky to find some decent sugar trim before it gets moody)

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  16. When i was 10 my brother and i were out snowmobiling when we drove up on a deserted farmhouse. We always dig around deserted buildings, but this one oddly had a brand new fridge in the garage...so we went and checked it out. When i opened the door there was a XL pillow case stuffed to the brim with weed. i had no clue what it was but my brother told me to stuff my pockets with it so i did, as did he and we snowmobiled away. Not sure why we never took the whole sac...guess it didnt matter anyways, i never enjoyed any of it (being 10 in all)
  17. Once, but it was a few months before I actually started smoking weed so I gave it to my friend. I found a full bankie (around 5g) on the bathroom floor at school when I went to take a piss n knew he smoked weed so I took it for him
  18. I swear somebody is gonna get on this thread and figure out what happened to their lost weed:roflmao:

    I think I was in 8th grade and I was walking out of a store with a friend and there was a loaded pipe on the ground. Just laying there out in the blue. Scooped it up really quick, went behind the store and smoked that shit.

    Another time my senior year of high school, I went to this park in my neighborhood that everyone and their cousin goes to smoke. It's close, got trails, woods, and a lot of places to hide. The same place I started smoking at with my friends. The same ghetto ass bench. There was a little pill bottle on the ground some something in it. It was some good bud, easily more than 1/8th. That was a good day.
  19. Yup, it's not uncommon for people to smoke in a park and get stoned and leave their remaining gram or two in the dispensary bottle after they leave in a rush to get Taco Bell. I found some an eigth of some "wilky shishka" on a park bench once :)

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  20. first time i smoked was from some weed i found behind my middle school

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