Have you ever found weed laying around?

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  1. Once i found a dime bag when i was walking down the sidewalk.
  2. yes, but it was my weed. thats pretty sweet man, i wish i just randomly came across bags of weed haha
  3. I've told this story before, but the best time I found weed was when I came out of a store in texas pissed because my id got rejected when trying to buy a black and mild. I walk down the sidewalk to the next store when I see an envelope on the ground. I pick it up look inside and see a .7 of some good mid! I instantly went home and made a ghetto and got nice and baked. The envelope that had the weed also had "have a nice day" written on it with a smileyface.

    The second best time I found weed was in my room. I thought I would NEVER lose herb or misplace any. But one night I had no herb and was gunna put on a movie but my DVD player wasn't working so I pulled it out of the entertainment center to check the cables. What do you know? A big nug sitting on top of a dvd case that was on the dvd player, and it turned out my dvd player was fine I just had it on the wrong channel. That was a good night.
  4. I've been finding weed in my room lately, it's sweet. :)
  5. On a vaca to myrtle beach i had one of those motels right on the beach, i was tryin to hook up a 360 to the tv in the room, and sittin behind it is a 3/4 of a nice sized blunt. i already had a half O on me but damn that was some good shit.
  6. my friend once did in a miountain
  7. I found about an 8th of weed in my kitchen before I even knew what it was. I gave it to my dad cause I thought it was some seasoning or something, but I ended up getting my cousin in trouble. Other than that all I find is my own random half-blunts in backpacks/pockets.
  8. Oneday there was a drugbust at everysmoking spot around my highschool and other schools (seized over 20,000$ of shit from schools that day) and i decided to hit up some of the smoking spots after everyone got busted and i found a half-o at a spot! i was so happy and started smoking big spliffs. To find out later that it was my buddys weed that he ditched so i ended up giving what was left it to him, but i got some nice joints out of it!
  9. Still waiting for it to happen!
    Ive been given 2 gs of free weed once tho
  10. in my friends dorm yesterday found a nugg on the floor
    good way to start the day
  11. Haha I was helping clean up a party today and I found about an 8th in a bag its really good bud too.

    I also used to have a friend who would get stoned and just set a nug down on the table and forget about it and leave nugs all over the house.
  12. I wish I could randomly find weed laying around. :/ Not yet though.
  13. ive only ever found my own when i leave it around my room lol
  14. I can't say that I've really found weed laying around.
    I do save all my roaches and stuff like that in a small jar though.

    One night I was out of weed after I moved into the new apartment, and I unpacked my lava lamp to find my little jar resting in the base of the lava lamp. Just put those suckers in the bowl and smoked em. Was a good day.
  15. I once found a fat sack of really good bud in my snowboarding jacket and I have more than once found a baggie of blunts that i had forgot about.
  16. About thirty minutes ago i was scraping some res to get high cause i just ran outta weed last night. Well i went to my truck to look for something to scrape with, and right on my floorboard is a half roasted nug.. about .3 ready to be smoked haha
    And im pretty sure it was some sweet island that i had about a week or two ago.

    Thank you weed gods
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    This is a nug I found in someones backyard today.
    I weighed it about 3.2gs.
    Its pretty decent bud too for finding it.
    Kinda hard to tell because I have a shitty camera.
  18. I found a bit yesterday in a subway station on the way to the Boston Freedom Rally. It was less than a gram but it was still cool to find.
  19. I found a baggy with about 3 grams in it when i was walking back to my house after picking up a quarter oz haha it was pretty good too, i was like wow +3 grams lol
  20. I once found a huge nug of trainwreck just lying on the floor in my laundry room. It wasn't mine, it was most likely my sisters. Sure enough, I smoked it all to me (since i was alone and grounded) and got insanely baked.

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