Have you ever found money outside?

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  1. I have found money outside a couple of times. The first time I found money I was 8 years old and it was in a wet wallet inside of a wall while walking to school, it was around $8 dollars in it. The second time I found a $5 dollar bill next to this fence at my apartment complex and I was probably 9 years old at the time. The third time I found 2 $100 dollar bills outside of my ex-girlfriend's house and I was 16 years old at the time. And the fourth time I found a $20 dollar bill outside of a 99cent store and I was 18 at the time.

    We all have found money inside of our house, between the couch cushions or in our pants that were put in the washer, but have you ever found money outside of your house? Dollars,Quarters, nickles, dimes, pennies? I get so excited when I found random money, it's like finding treasure:D:laughing: MONEY! $_$
  2. I don't know how the hell you can remember every time you've found money dude.

    like finding 8 bucks when you're 8 or 5 bucks when you're 9.. good memory.

    The only time I can remember finding legit money was back in high school when I found a 50 dollar bill outside on the blacktops by the basketball courts at our school.

    I remember seeing the bill from like 20 feet away so I bolted and snatched that shit right up!

    Then I copped a sack with my friends later that day and I smoke all my buddies out. Haha. good timess. :smoke:
  3. When I was in kindergarten I found a 100 dollar bill on the bus

    I showed it to my mom and she took it :mad:
  4. I found a dollar bill while sweeping the sidewalk at work today.

  5. Damn son if you kept it you would of been living the high life for someone in kindergarten. One time in school I saw a $20 bill fall out of this teachers pocket who was walking right in front of me, I snatched it up real quick before he realized he lost it.

  6. Shit happens.
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    Awhhh~ That Sucks! My mom took my money that hidden in her room because my older sisters were trying to take from me and she used it to fill up her gas tank. I was like, what the fuck mom, I didn't say the f word. When I was a kid, if I said a bad word in-front of mom, she would wash my mouth out with soap :laughing:

    That's freaking awesome! I don't know if my memory is that good, but I always remember things when it comes to money:laughing:
  8. well ...
    when i was 8 i found 40 euro on the floor of a shop
    when i was 10 i found a scratch card with 25 euro on it
    when i was 14 i found 50 euro on the floor of a store
    when i was 15 i found two scratch cards with 5 euro each on them
  9. Last year I found a $20 on the sidewalk outside of the bar.

    First round was on me lol.
  10. Yeah, I found money once.

    The lady wasn't too happy I touched her ass, though.
  11. op who the fuck are u mr. krabs
  12. When I worked at a gas station I would superglue $1 bills to the concrete right outside the front door.

    Everyone goes for it, but the drunk people are the best. Some of them will get down on their hands and knees for 5 minutes before they realize they can't get it up without destroying it :D
  13. I once found a dollar on the road i was walking down. I picked it up and got a handful of poop. Then three guys on a roof yelled POOP DOLLAR!! Pretty weird
  14. [​IMG]HAHA Yes, Yes I am :D MONEY!!!! $_$:yummy:
    LOL! hahahah XD:laughing:

  15. LOL! Like on Workaholics, I love that show :love::laughing: haha Poop dollar~
  16. I found about $58 in this dudes wallet one time
  17. Just random ones and fives every once in a while.
  18. I found a dollar on the floor at Goodwill, oh the irony in that still kills me.
    I found $22 under the bleachers at a Figure 8 derby
    Found a $5 bill in the hallway in Middle School
    Found $7 on the bus when I was in Elementary school
    Found a wet dollar bill in the parking lot of a local fast food joint.
  19. LOL!

    Fuckin' jokes.

    I found a loonie the other day when I was bending down to check the chin splitter on my car!

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