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  1. Is more of a meeting ground (congregation point) than an actual house of god? I mean, whenever I go there, it's always the same group of people that go there, acknowledge each other's presence and each other's mutual fear of the unknown that is represented in the open and frolicsome ritualism of a thousand year old book.

    The only reason i accept church grounds is because they're a viable community gathering point. There's music, common beliefs, a sense of community. But, where does the self-righteousness and heretic fear come from?

    People go to confession when they're too proud to say i'm sorry for something they did that they know is wrong, it's like saying I want the forgiveness without the pain. :eek: Nothing is praised there, priests still hit on the readers, readers see him as a leader figure. Priests actually mooch delicacies off of privileged families who manage to please his interests as he "teaches them the good faith" which should translate "as long as the priests accepts my presence and visits me, i'm good in heaven". The communion basket gets passed around twice, just in case you forgot to donate enough and, while I haven't seen that many blood drive or community help funds, the place gets renovated fairly often. And whenever there is a church funded location that helps, you better be part of the church to get the full benefits, because if not, then they look at you like they would a heathen sometimes.

    That's all I got, if anyone has something more along the lines, sharing and criticism will be welcomed.
  2. For me, Christian places of worship usually took over ancient celtic/pagan sites that were there long before Christianity ever was. The feeling of sacredness I sometimes feel in these places probably stems from this. To be honest though, on the rare occasions I visit such structures, any feeling I get is usually interfered with by the current occupants, and I'm quite happy to go. I prefer to find my own connection anyway.
  3. I don't feel that, I believe that. The church is the people not the building.

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