have you ever felt like this?!?!

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  1. Alright heres my story.
    an hour b4 we go to a crazy party for my friends 18th,me and my 2 best friends deiceded to hotbox my friends bathroom. we completely shut everything off so no smoke leaks out.
    I had just coped a 1/4 of OG kush (sooo powerful, doesnt taste as good as cali mist tho) and a new glass hand pipe (extra big bowl)
    about a half hour and 1.5 G's, 4 bowls later, it hit me. but in the good way, i started giggling and everything was just funny and shit. :eek: well we decided we were gunna use my friends AK47 Ryder? well he said something about it being relacing so were not annoying at the party. i was down.
    we had 2 over jammed bowls of his ganj and i was blown. most blown ive ever been. :smoke:
    we were all chillin on a big pile of towels just speed smoking..well thats what i call it. (where the cherry is still burning and we just keep passing rlly fast until its out) after it was over we just sat there for 15 minutes letting the smoke clear a little.
    at this point, my eyes are as red a ferrari and my throat feels like it has cancer. it was hard to breathe and i couldnlt focus on anything 10 ft ahead of me. i looked at my friends showers curtains for a sec and i just couldnt stop staring.
    they were bright red and yellow and i started seeing them move. i know that i was having minor hallucinations so i just thought nothing of it.
    i looked back at them and this time they were rapidly swishing since my friend decided to lay in the bathtub lmao. but it seemed they were starting to come out at me. i got scared and the more scared i got, the faster they would come at me. soon i imagined it had just engulfed me and was suffocating me. i started roling on the floor, swiping at my head like my hair was on fire and i started screaming "GET THIS OFF ME GET IT OFF PLEASE HELP GET IT OFF" my friends got up came to me and had to calm me down. i was sweating breathing hard and was schocked.
    anyway the point of this story is, do u guys ever have panic attacks or extreme trips? and what does TOO much THC do to you guys?
  2. I wish I could get that high.
  3. Man, I have been very high before, but nothing like that has EVER happened to me:laughing:

    Actually doesn't sound very enjoyable, maybe you should smoke less next time?:p
  4. Yeah man, I've definitely had my fair share of minor visuals and panic/anxiety attacks from getting too high. but I dont think I ever freaked out to the point of screaming at the top of my lungs lol.

    But when shit like that happens, just remember: to breath, that you're high and freaking out because of it and that it will be over soon.

    You just have to know your limits man. You probably should have chilled (at least for a while) after you guys were done with the first sesh with the OG Kush (but I know how stoner friends are:rolleyes:).. Because smoking more after you're already high just seems like a waste of weed imo. Especially if its good shit.
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    that has never happened to me, sounds a little weird. and there is not such a thing as too much thc :bongin: but when i smoke a lot more than i usually do it usually just gets me really high and then i remember little to nothing of what happened the next morning, but throughtout the day i start remembering some things that happened.

    edit: also when i smoke more than usual, i usual get auditory hallucinations, never visual though. Some times colors willbe brighter and more beautiful but no hallucinations
  6. i wish i could be that blazed
  7. when i smoke more than usual colors are brighter and more beautiful for me to:smoke:

    i've never had visual hallucinations. I remember once though me and my friends did almost the same thing you did. we hotboxed a bathroom and smoked about an eighth between four of us.

    At first i heard this ringing noise, then i felt my heart beating faster. I started feeling panicked so i exited the bathroom and started walking toward my friends living room. Next thing i know i wake up laying down on the carpet and my chin hurt alooot. Apprantly i passed out while walking and hit my chin on my friends coffee table. Thats the most high i've ever been. But i never Hallucinateddd
  8. I'm gonna go ahead and be the third person to say this and only this:

    I only wish I could get that high.
  9. Sometimes it feels like things are like coming really fast at me and slamming into ms but I never flipped and started screaming. Guess I'm just lucky, I have had friends do this though.

  10. DUUUUUUUUDE that is fuckin crazy like no joke I thought I made that word up like last summer me and my bro were speed smokin this home made bong and all of a sudden I just said to him, " Dude we just speed smoked that shit" and we have used that word ever since.

  11. Nahhh, I've heard a few people say it.
  12. Fixed.

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