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Have you ever "fell" while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iregisor, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking for about 2 months now so I'm still beginning and what not but I can smoke and not act like a complete jackass now unlike the first time or two I smoked lol.

    However this friday I toked up with some friends of mine and we went to go to In-N-Out but had to wait for a friend of ours to come to the car (he was shitting so it took a few minutes). So while we were waiting one of the girls in the back started giving my a shoulder massage. It felt great and she was giving a good amount of pressure and it was really legit lol, especially since I was lit. So then my body started to get a great tingling feeling and my head was still straight up (not rested on the head rest). Then I let my head fall back.

    Once my head fell back onto the head rest it felt like I was falling. I couldn't move anything and it legit felt as if I was just free falling. I knew I wasn't really falling so I loved it lol (didn't freak out lol). I sat there for about a minute "falling" until I told them to lift my arms / head up lol.

    This was the coolest experience I've ever had high lol. Also has anybody ever actually be physically stuck? With a friend of mine he couldn't move his body at all. He could talk and move his eyes but couldn't turn his head, legs, anything lol. I've seen people get "stuck" where they just blankly stare but I had never seen someone actually get physically stuck lol.
  2. Yea, if I get real blazed with some good indica I will lay down in bed and it would feel like I couldn't move, even though I could get up at any moment if I wanted to....however, I think its from the "body buzz" feeling. We are not used to that sensation when we are at rest, and so naturally, we dont want to end something that feels so good. ok im gonna go jerk off good night.

  3. Dude your a champ, announcing what everyone else is doing as well haha
  4. when smoking hash or big bongs yes (i stopped bongs 10 yrs ago).

    MJ joints or hash now- no falling, couchlock and all this.
  5. No, but im sure it would be a little less displeasurable than falling sober.
  6. yea dude. i love closin my eyes and get the free falling feeling. its tight as shit
  7. You're not actually falling lol. It's amazing!!!
  8. Free falling and weed?
    Leary wrote about that.
    Check "The game of life"
  9. Yes I don't really care for the feeling of falling.
    It kinda sucks, that's when I know I over did it and smoked
    too much. If I do smoke too much, and try to go to sleep...
    it's not happening, the feeling of falling with just loop over
    and I have to go take a nice warm shower
    for awhile and chill out.

    It's such a sickening feeling, luckily now I know my limit so
    that feeling never happens to me anymore.
  10. I've tried going with it but it just gets too intense sometimes and I don't enjoy it much

    but yeah its one of those, "smoked a little too much" kinda moments.

  11. Way, way, way less displeasurable. lol I frequently have a similar sensation where I feel like my head is really far away from my body that's kinda trippy as well. For me it's not indicative of having smoked too much either. When I smoke too much I get a mild version of the spins.
  12. Well it wasn't that I smoked too much imo because when she wasn't giving me a massage I was completely fine. And it felt completely amazing imo. I've had the feeling when I lay down but it was way more intense this time when she was massaging me. When I lay down and get it, it just feels like a body sensation, not really falling though (for me at least).
  13. #13 SmokinSmoker420, Oct 5, 2010
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    Please read everyone should expirience this sensation!!

    This happens nearly every time i smoke(expiriences will varie)when i listen too music(MUSIC IS A MUST)I kinda go into my own little world but better. Ill explain my expirience from two nights ago. I had smoked a nicely packed bowl from my bong and decided to listen too some music. My WHOLE body was pumping with the beat of the music. Then when i would close my eyes...i felt myself push deeper into my mind deeper into who i really was. It can get very scary!(Push through this fear if you want the most amazing expirience EVER! My whole body was warm like a blanket around me and tingling. At one point roughly three minute mark (eyes closed whole time) I just burst out crying because what i was expiriencing was such an amazing sensation (in my mind) and i was overwhelmed with joy, happiness, and love. After i cried (btw i NEVER cry im a very macho man lol) it was kind of my climax and it felt weird afterward...just like the normal tingling sensation soo i opened my eyes and slept off the night. (i lost a one gram nug that night too :p)... ONLY OCCURS WITH RELAXING AND AS I CALL IT, BEAUTIFUL MUSIC :smoke:
  14. What you described, that's the best kinda high right there. :hippie:
  15. i love that feeling while I listen to some happy music with my eyes closed.

    when i first started using a bong, i would accidently blast myself with huge hits. lol. smoke all around my face going through my nose and mouth. lol a minute or 2 after my eyes were closed i would feel like im falling through a wormhole or something. lol

    also, i tripped out with some cough medicine and a blunt. i was falling through blackness with triangles floating around me with numbers inside them...but thats another story.
  16. BUUMP ...Your welcome:wave:
  17. Bump again lol i want ppl to read my post on how to acheive this level and see what they think...plz do! its 2 the 3rd to last post!!
  18. I'm the same way. I really don't like indica too much. (Funny, since I'm rockin' it to some nearly pure indica at the moment. Nice, but I'd like to feel as though I could lift my chest to breath again some time soon.) But I've learned my limit as well. Too much, and I get migraines. I try my best to avoid that lol.

  19. Yeah I experience something similar when I listen to music (not allways, I have to be relaxed and doing nothing else). It's probably not as good though because I've never done it while high.
    I cried also.
    It's a great feeling, really
  20. BUUMP:wave:

    Please read 3rd to last post its great for just fucking feeling amazing!or atleast how to...

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