Have you ever farted so loud...

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. That you woke yourself up?

    Well...I did lastnight. Horrible one too. Smelled like hot garbage and burnt ass. :mad:
  2. thats nasty

    .... and no ....
  3. :laughing: omg dude, that seriously almost had me in tears i was laughing so hard

    but yes, i have done that once or twice, god its horrible to wake up to the smell or sound hahahah
  4. Wow, really? I was suprised when it happened to. I woke up, wonder what that rumbling noise was... Then, I laughed and went back to sleep. Good times, good times.
  5. Its these chicken breasts I keep eating. Everytime I do, I have a horrible case of gas.

    Its useful though. When my brothers come over or something, I know all I have to do is eat 2 of those chickens and I'll be farting in no time. Just hold down one of my little brothers and fart right on 'em.
  6. hahahhahahaaaaaaa....sorta like your signature? i can imagine that
  7. HAHA yes...fart in the face is KEY!
  8. Well, now I'm just pissin' a ton from too much beer. Shit goes through me like a laser.
  9. you and 90% of the the drinking population ahhaa

    i just bonged 8 shots and i am T-RASHED
  10. bongin shots takes balls. you have large genitalia man.

    heinous, yea man this morning i had the nastiest liquor/late night mexican farts...it wasnt the sound, it was the smell that jerked me awake.
  11. love your sig man.

    nope but i have woken others with my farts.

    my roomate came in, sat on my lap and farted on my croch today
  12. i just puked when i took a shower.......goddamn it was gross, the cleaning lady is gonna have problems with that tomorrow haha

    oh well i guess im going to bed now. heh yeah they are kinda large :ey:
  13. gay.

    i would have ripped my roomie to peices.
  14. You guys are really obsessive about your need to post, aren't you?! I mean, you guys will reply to ANYTHING, won't you?!

    Farting in your sleep... HA! "I fart in your general direction!" :D :cool:
  15. LMAO ohh man this is a good thread, an no I have not
  16. I hate farts which like rip your asshole open and hurt afterwoods. :mad:
  17. ^^i also hate those farts!
  18. for the love of god and 4/20, please let this thread die. if not, i wont be able to stop looking at the updates and i'm gonna end up puking on myself
  19. I'm sorry UCF-Toker. Personally I can't get enough of the ass jokes.

    I don't remember if I've done this or not! I think this is something one remembers too... -- My dog and my husband have both woke me up with either the sound or smell of their farts. And I agree it is horrible. -- What's worse when the husband tries to do a dutch oven. He thinks that shit is so funny. haha It is conceptually, but WOAH, keep the covers down man!

    dW?, :laughing:

    TW, right back at cha. ;)
  20. i dont do the dutch oven because i aint that mean but i love hearing about it. ha ha you got owned dbw. haha

    i also hate the farts that burn/hurt/rip open your ass hole.

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