Have you ever fallen in love with someone in your dreams??????

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  1. I'll never forget her.

    I saw her face. My whole being fell in love with her. I didn't want to wake up.

    I prayed that I may dream of her again. That last time I dreamt about her was when I was in high school.

    I am now 30 yrs. old and she has never reappeared. Hmm.

    Does she exist?
  2. I started having consistent dreams about a girl I never really talked to and it eventually prompted me to ask her out. Her answer was no, but hey, hit or miss lol.
  3. I've had dreams about girls that I know randomly..and the next day I can't stop thinking about them for some unknown reason. It's happened like three times.
  4. Greetings,

    I'm not sure of the name of the actual process but this is a result of nocturnal production of oxytocin

    Unfortunately, the triggers for nocturnal oxytocin production haven't been fully researched and we currently are really only familiar with oxytocin production during social interactions.

    Any chance you do MDMA on a regular basis? They've shown some correlation with abnormal oxytocin production and MDMA use. There's also so preliminary data about opiate abuse and oxytocin production as well, specifically during sleep.

    Yours Truly,
  5. ive fallen for someone that ive known *kinda* in real life....like i was talkin to that person a lot and then i had a dream about them that i fell in love with him and my life turned out all peachy...i was goin thru a bad time then and i still kinda wonder about it...

    but yeah..ive had what happened to you happen to me before as well...:eek:
  6. i just dream about the girls i love in reality.
  7. So oxytocin is a chemical that gives that 'bonding' feeling normally dormant during sleep?

    I've fallen in love in my dreams, not wanting to wake up because I knew the person doesn't exist in the waking world. I never really remembered his looks just how I felt.

    I've never found that person in the waking world. I feel like he's my true 'soul-mate.' I kinda doubt that I'll ever find that sense of completeness with a human in the waking world.
  8. Greetings,

    Yeah, Oxytocin is responsible for a number of functions, but primarily yes, it's the feeling of closeness. It's also associated with the sensation of touch.

    Unfortunately it's really hard to re-produce dreams and nocturnal brain chemistry is understood only in generality.

    I know I'm getting a reputation of being a grumpy skeptic, but this is actually an experience I'm familiar with. I've had very profound dreams where I feel connected to a figment of my imagination.

    I look at it as a way I can better understand the limits of my own experience. But I know what you mean, the sensation and emotion is totally genuine.

    I know that feeling too :eek:

    Yours Truly,
  9. try astral projection and or lucid dreaming, ive never had that expirience psecifically but ive felt that way about dreams, as a whole and things about them
  10. perhaps you're seeing yourself in some other dimension living a happy life with this person. the way things could be.

    i love dreams, am excited to possibly have them everynight :)
  11. ^
    Wow. One of life's little miracles. I know. They're rare but when they happen. O how sweet.
  12. To the OP.

    Ive had the same experience. Never saw the person in real life but seemed like i went through an amazing life time in one night and this was 6 years ago and still rember the dissapointment of awaking.

    But the true question is if you where really as happy as you where in that state would you really mind not waking up and living in that fake yet real reality to you?
  13. You are one crazy mother fucker man haha.

    Hit me up yo where u at.
  14. hmmm odd, that happened to me in high school as well. never did any drugs at the time and never saw her again either:(... oh well
  15. well i was at a party and i was high as fuck and drunk as all hell. and well this fucking smoking chick thati have known for a long time but never had anything with just sat down with me and we tlaked and when i passed out she took care of me and i fucking fell in love with her. hahah. next day i couldnt get her off my mind. 2 days later i forgot about it hahahhahahahahahah lmfao.
  16. wow. i had to re read that about 7 times and finally i had to adjust some words and forget some of them jsut to understand that but now i do. very smart man you are.
  17. if that girls name is mary jane then Im in love with ya!
  18. Possibly. I dreamed my whole youth of a woman I had never seen, and when I met her, she was unobtainable at that time, so I mistakenly thought I had been tripping all along.

    Yeah, right, tripping...things change...magnetism is hard to resist...long story short...

    We've been married now for over 15 years...:)

    Dreams are precognitions, sometimes. Don't lose sight of yours!
  19. once when on shrooms i thought i had an asian girlfriend who i loved dearly...
  20. Shrooms VS Dreams lol

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