Have You Ever Experienced A Natural Disaster High?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Couch_King420, May 29, 2014.

  1. I was just toking in my backyard just a tiny overcast when I started and already high mind you, and then it starts thundering and lighting.

    So I go to my back porch you know just like ok I guess that's cool. So I resume smoking and then it starts hailing and raining really hard outta nowhere and I'm like chill Mother Nature please!! But nooo after I said that this huge gust of wind came and
    Knocked down so many trees and
    Stuff and it was raining so much I couldn't even see! It was pretty scary.

    But the worst part is the giant gust of wind blew all the weed in my bowl away!

    So what I wanna ask you is have you ever had to deal with really bad weather before when you were high? And if you did how did u cope with it?

    I Smoke weed 4/20-7 😎
  2. The hurricane on the east coast early last year was pretty awesome but scary lol
  3. The best place to smoke is up on the roof, but we had a huggeeee storm here a few weeks ago & the second it stopped raining & hailing I jumped out onto the roof.

    I didn't know lightning could still strike after it quit raining. So I'm sitting out on the roof when down comes a huge volt of lightning maybe 5 feet in front of me that cracks open the ground.

    I literally could've been hit, but the only thing I thought about was the fact that the lightning would probably burn my bowl.

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  4. Oh shit I was tokin in the thunder and then it hit me and suddenly a huge boom occurs and I nearly shit a brick

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  5. How the fuck was it pretty awesome?  It sucked dick.  People lost their homes and all their belongings.  People lost their lives.  Yet you're here saying it was pretty awesome.
    There wasn't even a reason to smoke during that.  It was terror.  I smoke to enjoy things not to be like whoa terror is cool or some bullshit like that.  There's nothing cool about it.
    It was boring as heck.  I helped friends and neighbors clear out their basements.  Hardly time to burn down and it was hardly enjoyable anyway.  Nowhere to go and nothing to do.  I couldn't use my vaporizer because it needs an outlet and we had no power.  Then it took forever to get cable/internet back on. No weed to find and this one idiot friend is whining about me not getting his weed sent to him.
  6. i was high during a tornado once but it was a few miles from my house so i was just chillin
  7. One time I shit my pants while high, does that count?

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  8. Yes. I have experienced a tornado while blitzed out of my mind. Mind you, even though I had just gotten super baked, the panic still set in heavy. I was alone at home because my roommate was at work. We had been getting tornado warnings here and there throughout the day, but I've never actually been in a tornado before this, so I didn't pay much attention. There wasn't much going on that day for me, so I decided to get good and baked and just hang out. 
    I noticed the rain really starting to pick up along with the wind, so I started to get nervous after cashing my bowl. Then it got really dark and the sirens revved back up outside. I went downstairs in case I needed to jet for the bathroom but kind of ended up hanging around the kitchen window watching the storm progressively get worse. The kitchen window looks out down a street and when I saw the sky go really weird and dark and a massive gust of wind blow across the street exploding transforming and blackening out all the visible house and building lights, I booked it to the bathroom. I was thinking, "Great, I'm gonna have to deal with this shit stoned now." But the tornado missed my apt., instead cutting across my university and ripping all sorts of shit up not 5 or 6 blocks away from me. It was an EF 4 twister. Our power was out for the night, so when the glowsticks became a necessity and my roommate got home and joined me on my level, we all of a sudden became jedis lol. 
  9. yeah I was expecting a reply like this I probably shouldn't have said that. The part I was in it was just super windy and cool so I guess I really didn't experience the full hurricane

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  10. I live in CA so there's earthquakes sorta frequently. they're usually pretty weak but you still definitely feel them
    not exactly a natural disaster but there have been a lot of power outages, sometimes ones that last for a few days at a time
  11. While I enjoy thunderstorms while high I don't want to experience a disaster.  I imagine I would get the "WE ALL GOING TO DIEEE!!" feeling.
  12. I had just finished burning a bowl on the side of a friends house, we walk out to the street to go to our other friends house but got distracted. We're standing in the middle of the street, I'm on the phone, and it starts hailing. It took us a solid 25-30 seconds before we realized this and then we had yo sprint half a mile to our other friends house.

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