Have You Ever Experienced A Natural Disaster High?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Couch_King420, May 29, 2014.

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    I was just toking in my backyard just a tiny overcast when I started and already high mind you, and then it starts thundering and lighting.

    So I go to my back porch you know just like ok I guess that's cool. So I resume smoking and then it starts hailing and raining really hard outta nowhere and I'm like chill Mother Nature please!! But nooo after I said that this huge gust of wind came and knocked down so many trees and stuff and it was raining so much I couldn't even see! It was pretty scary.

    But the worst part is the giant gust of wind blew all the weed in my bowl away!

    So what I wanna ask you is have you ever had to deal with really bad weather before when you were high? And if you did how did u cope with it?

    I Smoke weed 4/20-7 😎
  2. Yes actually I have when I was 16 I just sparked a fat bowl and came inside to the phone ringing my dad called and said theres an earthquake watch or something and he said take my dog and go to the basement and I did then nothing else of significance occured after that. It wasnt that cool but thats my story.
  3. Not than I can think of, but now I want to have an edible during a thunder storm. 
  4. Smoked a J while a tornado was staring down at me in Illinois...Everyone yelling at me to come in and shit.
    Fuck that, Mother Nature is fuckin' sexy and I'm not missin' a chance to see her. :cool:
  5. There is no such thing as an earthquake watch, earthquakes can't be predicted

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  6. A old friend and I had just finished off a pretty good sized  blunt one day. we went inside and started cooking some of those frozen burger things. I remember hearing him go OH SHIT DUDE OH SHIT because he was at the sink faced out the window. so I jumped over and looked and it was like this WALL of purple rain and hail was moving slowly from North to South in his front yard.
         We watched as his dog that was tied up to a big cotton wood tree just get engulfed by the wall of hail then we couldn't see it anymore. the hail was softball size and we were in a shitty little trailer so im sure you all could imagine how loud those things were when they hit the house.
    only took about 10 minutes for it to come and go, but god damn that was scary as hell at the time. it wrecked my car! old Vw bug got trashed by the hail.
  7. did the dog die tied to a tree? if so thats a pretty dark story. 
    pretty much.
    i get all "lt. dan" in hurricanes and shit.
    one spectacular hurricane i had dosed some needlepoint and went outside to see the action.
  9. I'm in socal and I've experienced a few earthquakes high. At first I was thinking "Is this an actual earthquake or am I just roasted?" but the bigger ones are crazy I like it though it's like a ride haha
  10. I wish I had earthquakes :( best time to eat jello or pudding.

    I live in Florida so we are a hurricane/thunderstorm magnet.
    If my parents arent home and a thunderstorm is occuring, i sit on my pooldeck and smoke bowls until it passes.
    Ive wanted to smoke/be high during a hurricane. I have yet to experience that.
  11. I live in SoDak so I've experienced many blizzards while blazed. I love to smoke outside while its snowing but during a blizzard its almost impossible to even go outside. I was also stoned during the '07 flood. Shit was crazy.
  12. ^^^^ Why the hell didnt you run outside and get the dog?!
    Not a disater but it snowed in north FL this year and i blazed down while walking around in the snow in florida
    I was born n raised in the Caribbean (St. Croix, USVI) and hurricanes were a normal occurence but I never blazed down there when a hurricane came thru (we had a metal sheath for a roof so that got a  lil scary sometimes haha)
  13. No the dog was okay, if I remember correctly he ran around the tree so much he strung himself to the side of the tree that was shielding him from the hail. kind of lucky if you ask me.
  14. because balls of ice the size of my first was falling from the sky, plus by the time we made it to the front door we couldn't even see the tree anymore. it was kind of like well that sucks for the dog but im not dying to run out there.
  15. Once, in Southern Maine, I was alone at my house one day.
    I had just smoked a fat grav in my garage, and then I went upstairs in my room.
    And I shit you not, the moment I sat down in my comfy chair...
    An earsplitting noise ruptured the house, and I felt my chair become airborne for a moment.
    My first thought was 'Holy shit, did the garage door like slide off and crash or something??!'
    I went downstairs and checked, but nothing seemed broken... After a few seconds of complete shock that my house just shook like crazy, I went online and saw to my surprise that a bunch of other people felt it too.
    Turns out, it had been a small earthquake. IN MAINE.
    Shit can happen anywhere, anytime. I'm so glad I was high for my first earthquake lol
  16. Maybe it was aftershock. If thats impossible too i guess just made it up.
  17. Hurricane Sandy

    Three pretty bad blizzards

    A mini earthquake that I hardly could feel.

    Below zero degree Fahrenheit temperature, not a disaster but fucking coooold

    Flash floods while riding in my car vaping with some buddies, always a good time.

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