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Have you ever eaten a lit blunt? (emergency situations)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by i really dont know, May 5, 2011.

  1. Yo! Have any of you ever eaten a lit blunt/roach because you had to? Because of cops or any trouble that was coming your way?

    If you have, how long did it take to swallow that poor thing? How hard was it?

    Summer is here and ill be bringing blunt s with me while riding my bicycle on a public trail. Just in case I meet a pig, I wanna know how hard it is to swallow one.

    And though it might sound stupid, I can't think of anything more fun or relaxing than chiefing on this trail which is surrounded in lush green trees.

    Id love to read your stories, so please share. Il gladly rep :)
  2. umm never but i know weed is hard to swallow its so dry and weird
    carry around a water bottle and itll help it go down, but make sure the cop doesnt see you swallow it becuase you could get in even more legal trouble if they see you

    if they try to pull you over drop the roach and just keep cruising and hope he doesnt go ALL the way back or something lol
  3. I eat a joint before, but a blunt? That has nicotine, eating nicotine can be dangerous.
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    U sparked a new idea and I google mapped and found an awesome new place to smoke for the summer. Thanks

    And a single bump for the insomniacs of gc who come out at night. How hard was it to swallow a blunt?
  5. I haven't but my friend has at least a half dozen times. Must taste like shit, but hey, whatever keeps the pigs walkin.
  6. its not to hard but it tastes really bad. i have done this once.
  7. I've never had to eat a LIT one, i have eaten 2 unlit joints. Back when i was 15 i thought that if i got it wet and it started to sag, it was no more good. So i ate them.

    Anyone who eats a lit blunt has balls, specially if the cherry is nice and red. God.

  8. haah. Well ofcorse you'd burn the damn cherry off whatever is near you then swallow lol. but alright, it doesn't seem impossible now :smoke:
  9. I'm not sure if this counts but I "wu tang" roaches occasionally. It's where you hit in and let the blunt go and suck it to your throat and swallow it. If you do it right you just exhale the smoke taken in from the hit. But if you do it bad, coughing will occur.

    I always smoke the roach to almost nothing before trying this good luck trying to do it with half a blunt.
  10. I never have personally, because I'm always the driver, and in my car, everyone else can do the shit work. But, I've been in plenty of situations where the people in my car had to eat the blunt. And none of them really seemed to pleased with the experience.

    But its ok, because whenever they complain, they always get the same reply. "Get a car and maybe you can make the rules one day, bitch!"

    If Im ever alone, the plan is to put the blunt out quick, then stick into the grate of the AC vent and push it through.
  11. #11 Slurms McKenzie, May 6, 2011
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    Wu tang?!?
    Ive seen method man have a blunt then he curls it back into his mouth and moves it around and puts it out again still lit and takes another hit
  12. I'd eat your ass if the price was right.
  13. I have never done it, but this guy was telling me his story. He said he had just broken up with his wife or girlfriend and so packed up all his shit in his car, including his guns and he was driving on the highway i guess moving somewhere. He said he was smoking weed and he suddenly gets pulled over by the police. He quickly ate his joint or blunt (didnt specify) while it was lit and he said it burnt his throat. (he was complaining how his throat still hurts him). He said the cop asked him where he was going...why there are guns in the back. The guy told me that he had his hands on the wheel of the car and when the cop came up to him the cop asked him where he knew to do that. the guy told the cop that his uncle or someone else was a cop etc... Anyways the cop ends up telling him "(the guys name) there are things that are better done in the privacy of our homes". Obviously he was referring to smoking. The cop let him go. unfortunately his throat hurts to this day lol the cop probably wouldnt have searched him for the joint.
  14. If I was in your situation I'd just toss it on the side of the trail or something.
  15. Well I have never eaten weed that was already rolled up but I have just eaten the few stray peices after I do finish rolling one.
  16. Smoking it is too. :p
  17. Ditch the bitch, don't swallow. I'm appalled at the idea... *shivers* I've had friends eat weed raw to escape situations but I haven't had to ever eat a blunt... Does not seem fun.

    The Brosky:smoke:
  18. #18 Mucho Mango, May 6, 2011
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    I agree. About a month ago, for the first time i had been put in that situation where I was literally on my second hit on the blunt between me and a friend, and we got flagged, I just flicked the blunt out and threw the chillum I had on me too out the window..

    After all was said and done, we went back to the area about an hour later and I couldn't find it (too dark). So we just settled it as a loss..

    We agreed next time if it happens to dome it in the process of getting pulled over. Car will smell so you know you're gonna get searched regardless.
  19. I've eaten a joint before, that was bad enough. Burned my tongue and throat, couldn't get the taste of ash and the bitterness of charred herb out of my mouth for a while.

    Where I live, nobody really cares about it. I wrap my blunts in a single j paper just to make it look like a cigarette from far away and I have even fooled cops from a distance like this. I imagine if they got close enough, they'd smell it anyway.

    My advice is to toss it into the forest if you think you might get in trouble, as long as you make sure you aren't seen. Or you could bury it. Hide it. Etc.

    I hope you don't run into any cops at all. Enjoy your bike rides.
  20. We had a fat blunt roach and thought a cop was coming. so my friend put it out on his shoe and tried to eat it...He couldnt even swallow it. If it was a cop we would have been fucked...Don't rely on this unless u swallow well

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