Have you ever done something completely retarded

Discussion in 'General' started by Cameronstone, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Have you been high and been doing something really fucking dumb. Then after several minutes come to your senses and realized that your complete and total retard. Like just 10 minutes ago i just sat there trying to plug my phone charger into my audio jack on my video camera. Then i paused and i was like what the fuck am i doing. Then you look back and just dont understand what the fuck you were thinking
  2. coming home high, late one night, i sat stopped at a stop sign like it was a red light
  3. Happens to us all, brother!
  4. my friend stopped at a railroad crossing as if a train was there or coming he just sat there for a while staring blankly ahead so we just all stopped and watched him as he dazed off. then we all started yelling and came to his senses.
  5. This is a part of my life I've come to accept, I forget and do stupid shit like that all the time.
  6. I fucked a fat chick once.

    Oh, and I packed my lighter thinking it was a my oney.
  7. At least you didn't seal a spliff with your own jizz.
  8. That's fucked up, haha. I think the worst thing one of my friends (and I use the term loosely) did while stoned and drunk was try to fuck a gas tank. I guess he thought his pecker was small enough to fit in that nozzle hole.
  9. Ha well one time whenever i was at my friends house we had the munchies and we ordered a calizone ring and some cinnamonn sticks from mazzio's

    well the calizone came with ranch dressing dp and the cinnamon sticks came with this sweet dip idk what tis called.

    anyways when i was eating the calizone ring i kept dipping it in the swee sauce and didnt realize it until me and him were gonna eat the cinnamon sticks and he was like where the fuck is the dip stuff ?

    haha i cant believe i didnt realize that i was eating some sugary sweet shit on a calizone ring hahha
  10. One time my roommate and I were smoking and drinking all day... went outside for a cigarette and some car drives by full of people and my roommate says, "man, they look like they're gonna shoot someone up." well the car stops (at the stop sign at the end of the road) but for some reason my roommate and I thought they were stopping to come and kill us. We ran inside, locked all the doors, turned everything off, went up to my room, locked the door, hid under the bed, and started crying. After ten min of this we realize how retarded we are and continued our festivities.
  11. i always forget stupid shit when im high. yesterday i smoked a nice bowl out of my pipe while i was driving. after i was done i held the pipe and lighter in my hand for another 20 minutes it seemes like. i guess i was so into my music lol. after i realized i still had them in my hand i was just like, WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING!? lol
  12. one time i punched a punched a basket ball sized depression in my closet door because my friend told me he didn't think i had balls .... 2 years went by and my mom found it (i told her my friend smashed his head into it:smoke:
  13. lol that didn't take long i see


    lets see, I've stopped at green lights, acted like stop signs were red lights, there was a cop at another one of the stop signs and he though i was just being friendly and letting him go >.> lucky me

    left my ATM card in the atm
    lots of other i can't remember :rolleyes:
  14. yeah i mean all the time

    im always a little extra paranoid when it comes to messing up so i usually do it more then the next guy...(the irony)

    on jasmine thread about lifting your right foot off the ground...spinning it in a clockwise circle and trying to write an imaginary "6" in mid air

    i thought they meant spin in your desk chair clockwise with your right foot off the ground...

    so im sitting in my room spinning around in circles trying to draw a 6 getting frustrated cause nothing was happening

  15. Reminds me of the joke that I think we've all heard way too many times...

    What's the difference between a drunk and a stoner?
    -A drunk will blow through a stop sign, but a stoner will sit there waiting for it to turn green

  16. I used to work at Mazzios.
  17. all the fuckin time

    especially pausing and asking yourself,"what the fuck am i doing"

    its bad when your cats look at you like you're stupid.:smoke:

  18. You're not supposed to do that??? :eek:


  19. Me to. Delivered for them for a couple of years in Arkansas.

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