have you ever/do you know anyone who

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  1. has continued fucking their ex after they break up?

    what do you think the reason for this is?

    is it a good idea?

    cuz my homie was still boning his ex after they broke up and then got head from another chick(who was his friends ex-gf...fucked up)and she got super pissed at him.

    isn't that basically like still being in a committed relationship??

    fuck if i know..:smoke:
  2. yeah man, a guy in my frat does that.

    he was dating this girl all last year, broke up over summer (big surprise), then this year he yelled at a brother, fucking screammmmming, because he invited her back up to the house.

    i swear to god, the next day the brother who was dating her invited her back up to the house and fucked her. started a huge fight in the house.

    i recommend not doing it, creates too much drama. but if you can do it without drama thats awesome.

  3. Im actually in this situation, broke up wit my ex about 2 months ago but we decided to stay friends. I still think shes hot but i dont think i'd want to date anymore so we fuck here and there, its great :D
  4. just got out of a 2 year relationship this past summer, were still friends and hookup sometimes. i u date for a long time its perfectly normal to still hook up. but if u still have feelings for her and u dumped her, then thats just dumb.
  5. Every girl I've dated and it didn't work out, I boned for an additional 2/3 months after we broke up. Some feelings just don't go away even though you don't want to date anymore.

  6. Dont touch the X! I rly try to stay away from them but its easy to do when your an asshole. There is alot of fish in the sea and for every dark night there is a sunny morning blah blah blah ect ect.
  7. My best friend and her ex kept hooking up after he broke up with her; she thought that if she kept him close by fucking him they'd eventually get back together, and he was using her.

    I don't think anyone should keep hooking up with their ex UNLESS it seems like they're gonna get back together [in my example it was very clear that they weren't gonna work things out].
  8. As long as you both attest not to get into each other again it works out perfectly , just harmless fun really. I've done it a few times before ..
  9. Sure. It can be bad but not always

    If you or her are still attached then expect problems...if you both happily agree it's over and it's just sex then go for it. Hey atleast you 2 already know what the other likes :smoke:
  10. Definitely done it. After I broke up with my last girlfriend I started bangin one of my other ex. I did it b/c I was hurt after my last break up and she was available and willing. Not proud of it, but hey we both got somethin out of it :rolleyes:
  11. yea, me. i needed pussy and her boyfriend at the time apparently had an inch worm goin on, so it worked out well for the both of us
  12. i personaly have done more shit with my ex's than when we were going out
  13. i do that with alot of my ex's
    is that weird?

    keep them around for casual
    i still talk to them as if they are my friends, and they are
    and if they are in a relationship i back off
    thats that

    after my 10 month relationship i continued fuckin her for 3-4 months after we broke up
    then it did start getting weird
    one time she said (while we were fucking) "i feel like this doesnt mean anything"

    and i was just thinking, duh bitch(not as harsh, lol)
  14. i just fucked my ex today lol...her friend called me today and was flirting with me and shit...i had to turn her down though cuz thats fucked
  15. I have with 2 of my Xs...They both broke up with me and then wanted me back, so before I agreed to get back with them we hung out and talk and figure shit out but both girls ended up fucking me. It was like Deja Vu haha.

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