Have you ever dealt with an unreliable dealer?

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  1. Man, today was crappy. I was supposed to meet this guy at a certain time. I waited 40 min. plus it was hot and I told him I was leaving. Then after that he wanted to ask if I was busy tomorrow even though he agreed to giving it to me today. Get this, this would of been the 2nd time buying from him. The first I asked for 2 grams worth ($20) and he only told me once we met he only had 1.5 grams ($15). I was like wtf man! :devious:  But I played it cool and went into the grocery store to break my 20 into 15 :/.... And I hate unreliable dealers. Have you guys ever dealt with an unreliable dealer(s) before?

  2. In college, no. Back in the day, during high school, yeah. Mainly because everyone was really rich; tools dealt to get into parties not because they needed some money on the side. I eventually found a guy, though, but it did take awhile. 
  3. In high school I was always dating or sleeping with my dealer, I never had a issue getting my shit when i wanted it, and I never paid for it either. Now that im married, the dealer we use is a good friend of my hubbys and his source is his brother who grows it in his house. really reliable guys, always have time for us when we need a bag.
  4. Ya man i've had to deal with people like that. It's very fuckin annoying.
  5. hell yeah. now I have several dealers who are all mostly really reliable. one time this asshole had me wait outside of his house for like forty minutes until I pulled up the street and this asshole was outside washing his car across the street. wtfff
  6. Oh definitely. I feel like people dealin with unmentionables are so much more unreliable than people dealin with bud. In my experience anyway.
  7. I hate the people who will only pick up a 1/4-1/2 of an oz and sell it, they just don't save there money long enough for the bigger profits, it means when you purchase from them it's never the same, and always just a different experience 
  8. Without a fuckin doubt..

    It's a power thing a lot of the time.. I got what you need, you'll get it on my terms..

    Not a great business tactic, but the drug game ain't a fortune 500 company
  9. every, and i mean EVERY dealer in my town is unreliable. 
    Youll text them saying "hey you good" and they eply right away saying "yeah how much?" and as soon as you say how much they stop replying......or they take forever to reply. and they always show up late. Like, they NEVER reply. if i was a dealer, id make sure to reply to people all the time because i wouldnt wanna loose business, ya know?
  10. every fucking dealer i've ever had is unreliable
    but i don't mean it as in getting ripped off, or having to wait forever
    i mean unreliable in the sense that their sales aren't consistent, sketchy as fuck, etc.
  11. Wtf? You guys a bunch of high schoolers or...

    Ive never had an unreliable dealer. Maybe you guys need to be more firm. If my guy is late he always apologizes and gives me a deal. All my guys do this. If i want a quarter and they are short they will sell me 5 grams for the 8th or a similar deal.

    And if i did deal with someone who was unreliable i cut them off asap. You show people how you want to be treated. And in my opinion its disrespectful to treat weed customers badly.

    Unmentionables are a different story. If you arent firm with fiends they will take advantage.
  12. I used to have a dealer that wanted to chill out for ages and chop the weed I had just gotten off him with him and his girlfriend...I watched a movie with them the first 5 times I went there to get on. And the deals were really shit too but it was just down the road. Convenient bastards.

  13. I use to get fucked around alot back iin the days when i first started smoking, but
    now i have a couple FULL TIME dealers that are always reliable...

    Ive got no time for unreliable dealers lol!
  14. The story of much of South Jersey lol...
    Then you have these punk ass kids claiming they 'got dat loud' or 'sour' but only sell dubs of 0.8-1g....fucking cunts.
  15. Easier said then done...specially around here as everyone wants to be a thug..you can end up getting jumped and robbed very quick trying to confront a dealer.
  16. Yeah it sounds like he is buying a quarter oz or an 8th at a time. He should re-up b4 he gets down to his last gram.
  17. This type of shit was annoying. If connects took to long id cop some off of somebody else. And when the original dude would come around and i already bought some they would get pissy. but they never took their sweet ass time with me again cus they'd know I have other options to get it from
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  19. Most dealers are fucking unreliable, fuck you around with times, quality all that shit

    If you're trying to sell weed fucking sell it!

    *This is why my partner and I started growing our own :rolleyes:
    that's exactly my situation
    every time man... and around here in northern NJ it's hard to find anyone who isn't trying to make a profit by selling shitty dubs to high school kids. so it's incredibly easy to get a dub or a dime
    but if you want a legit Q you gotta KNOW people

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