Have you ever cheated

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  1. On your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife AND actually gotten away?
    As in you are still not caught as we speak?

    I just took a few bong rips :bongin: and im chillin here about to watch some Breaking Bad when i thought about this.

    Im not saying i have or will cheat on my girlfriend but, I'm thinkin that its just so easy if you just think about things and are some what organized.

    Any stories? lol
  2. Nope, but a guy made a move on my ex(dating at the time) once. I sent him to the hospital with stitches across the right side of his face :)
  3. haha oh no! Damn, what'd you do??!
  4. Cheated on a Math assignment:(
  5. Nope never could. I unknowingly helped a girl cheat on her bf when I was like 14 but thats been a decade ago....
  6. Yes, I have. On an ex... we were constantly off and on and the relationship really wasn't a legit relationship. I wasn't in love, it was just kind of a "joke" to me (the whole relationship). Definitely am not proud of myself for it, but it really is not that big of a deal considering we were both young and I don't feel as if there was many feelings involved.

    Cheating is stupid. Although I've been guilty of it in the past, I am in a happy, healthy relationship currently with someone who I love and I can now see CLEARLY why it is so dumb! It is hurtful to any person and I would never do it again.
  7. It was like my sophomore/junior year of high school I think, and this guy forced himself on my girl. She told me about it the next day, I dumped her because she let it happen, then I walked up to him in the middle of the hallway and decked him in the face, a teacher stepped in and I backed off and walked to the office.

    I had an adrenaline rush so I don't remember much, but I got to watch the security film of it, and I decked him HARD, and he didn't get back up. He ended up getting 6 or so stitches to the side of his right eyebrow

    Lol my friends still talk about it to this day

  8. Crazy! Good for you i guess. Haha

  9. It feels like it happens alot more with younger people like teens - mid/late 20s?
  10. haha i caught a girl trying to chat my bf up in the club & she knew he was with me, il prob get an ifraction if i say what i done but lets just say she won go anywhere near my man ever again!

    and i have cheated & gotten away with it more than once, but i came clean about everything a few months ago because we decided we needed a fresh start because we had too many secrets, we decided we wanted to start gettin more serious about our relationship, so we needed to get everything out in the open.
    im glad he knows now, its horrible keeping secrets, but it was horrible hearing some of the thing he had to tell me & im sure it was horribe for him hearing what i had to tell him, but were stronger than ever now so it was worth it in the end i suppose
  11. Nope, I got cheated on and will positively never do that to someone else.
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    [quote name='"TheUltimatum69"']Nope, but a guy made a move on my ex(dating at the time) once. I sent him to the hospital with stitches across the right side of his face :)[/quote]

    Damn you a hater/jealous muhfucka cuz if that was me I'll ignore her and chill out till I find me a finer woman than her.

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