Have you ever bought weed from a girl?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cob Barley, Mar 16, 2012.

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    WARNING DUDES: A sense of humor is REQUIRED in this thread.
    We all know it doesn't make a difference who we buy from. This thread is just for fun.

    Well, have you?

    If so on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest (no, I'm the highest... oh.)
    Ok as I was saying, With 10 being the highest number.

    How hot was the chick you bought it from?
    Did she look like your brother?
    Oh, and dudes dressed like chicks would not count.

    Oh yeah, btw my New Albums coming out in 4 months.
    I recommend that you all buy it.
  2. i used to buy from my girlfriend before she was my girlfriend.

    no i won't give you her number.
  3. Lol I don't understand why 'I wish' is an option, what difference does the gender of your dealer make? It's not like they're liable to fuck you just because you're a customer.

    In any case, my dealer's daughter has sold me weed on numerous occasions, she was the one that put me onto him in fact. I'd say she's a 7/10, would be a lot higher if she put more effort into her appearance/didn't let hard drugs ruin her body.
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    HEY! It matters because I asked it. I'm just having fun :eek:

    Are you saying that weed is a hard drug?
    Are you trying to offend people? Yes, I put weed in a needle, or cook it on a spoon. [/jk]

    The nerve of some people, I swear......
  5. ^i think he's just stating a general fact. she probably uses other drugs which are considered hard drugs.
  6. What? I'm saying that she uses hard drugs. Why would I be an active poster on a stoner forum if I felt that way about weed?
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    Yes, yes you are. I know that if a vote to legalize weed came you would vote "NO".
    I know that you're saying It's a hard drug. You are completely against it. [jk]
  8. trololololol
  9. Back in the day i picked up a dub at 12 everyday from this girl bianca. She was a gangster bitch like a 5. haha only girl i bought from
  10. Yeah, from multiple women.
  11. There's a high possibility you're trolling, but in case you're just stupid, I'll frame my response in the simplest possible terms.

    She uses hard drugs- meth, speed, coke. They have ruined her physical appearance.

    I do not consider weed a hard drug, and I am all for its legalisation. It would make no sense for me to be anti-weed given that not only am I an active poster on a stoner forum, and often write posts about weed, its positive attributes, how high I am, how I like to smoke and how much I smoke, but I just wrote a post, in this thread, detailing people selling weed to me, for my implied personal use.

    Clear enough now?
  12. Yeah. I'd rate her about an 8. She looks like the ginger chick that was on stonerrock.com before it shut down.
    The last I heard she doesn't sell or smoke any more though. I can't remember why.
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    One of my good friends who was a chick sold for a semester in school. Tight hook ups and smoke ups lol. She is cool as fuck. And you average chick too, she was a cute ass stoner chick that you probably wouldn't even thick she toked if you seen her, let alone sold haha.

    I'd rate her a solid 8 in looks and her weed was about a 10 haa. Dank shit

    Edit: Matter of fact, I had another chick dealer. But she kinda sketched my out because she actually grew bud in her room and shit and she lived on campus. Kinda thought she was a narc but w.e she was kinda fat too so that was no fun haha.
  14. Yeah, she's probably a 2. Nah, make that a 1.

    She was fat
  15. I LIKE SPAGHETTI !!!!! Sometimes I get it at a restaurant and sometimes a chick is my waitress, the last one was about a 7 could be an 8 if she could stop eating all my fucking spaghetti....
  16. I'm not even trying to troll.

    I was joking the whole time and thought that everyone would get it.
    My bad for not using the "JK" tag.
  17. My dealer for mids was a girl. She was MAD sketchy and would wear sweat pants everywhere.

    She was black, lesbian, and her girlfriend pasty white fat chick would ride in the passengers seat of that ugly ass khaki colored 88' Plymouth.

    I would rate her as a 2/10. The only reason she has any points because she has boobs and a pussy.
  18. at least 10 different girls..
  19. I bought from a girl a few times before. As long as they have good trees, I don't give a shit what gender they are.
  20. Dudes, it's all in good fun. We all know it doesn't make a difference either way.
    This is just for fun.

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