Have you ever been this broke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Judge Dredd, Jan 18, 2014.

  1. jobs are hard to find, i heard a peice of shit dirty beak breaking job, but im thinkfull, but in some areas in really is hard to find one, took me a while to fine a real job. and now im stuck being  in this dump.

    Your record is expunged once you turn 18, which I am assuming you are since you are getting Federal Assistance. Your juvenile record means dick. Or, are you still a criminal since you turned a legal adult? Are you a felon? 
    You could always stop getting in trouble with the law. It's really not that hard to stay out of jail.
    Times like this, I need to give +rep
  4. if your HUUUNNGGRRYY, OP...
    -racking shit from supermarkets, grocery stores, fruit stands is not hard. spesh fruit & veg stands. I know it sucks cos they're usually just small business owners who need the money, but fuck it you gotta eat somehow. cruise past grab some shit and leave.
    -dumpster diving. rock bottom times call for rock bottom solutions. anyone who's worked at a supermarket will know they are a treasure trove of perfectly fine goods, just sullied with a little spillage or broken glass on the packaging. the amount of good stuff we threw away at Foodland was ridiculous, entire boxes of things because one jar had broken...
    Goodluck mang
    I've never been caught. With anything... Ever lol. I said I'm a criminal, not a shitty criminal. I have no record. I was saying it as in I have no intention to stop growing pot even once I find a good job.
  6. You could go to small businesses - fruit/veg stalls, grocery shops and takeaway restaurants just before closing time, explain your situation and see if they've got anything to give away. Not much point putting 5 loose tomatoes and a cauliflower in the back of the van if someone will take it from you.
  7. I don't really feel bad for you. You don't have a job and you get $300 a month from the government, and you have internet. And it sounds like you've given up on ever getting a job.
    I have to wake up at 5:30am every day, take a train, go work for 8 hours, come home and it's already dark out. Watch a tv show or 2 then go to sleep and do it all over again.
    You're just chillin at home browsing GC. 
  8. grow your own food, you dont need an education to do that, and you can be a criminal also 
  9. Cancel your internet and sell your computer if you are that hungry.

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