Have you ever been this broke?

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  1. Lemmie $ee your the one who dropped out with very little skills .. $ir do you realize thats how the celebrity life starts? .. Those that hit rock bottom are faced with idle time to use their hidden talents to help them back up & beyond ...
  2. First off, apply for food stamps- you have children in the house. Often welfare will set you up with emergency food when kids are going hungry. Churches have been known to help. 
    Food bank, unless you are a hermit, you have friends with cars. Ask for a ride.
    Is it snowing where you are? Grab your snow shovel and knock on doors! The elderly will often gladly pay to have their walks shoveled, and it can be a return business!  I knew some high school kids doing this for spending money in winter!
    If you can get to the big city, plasma centers are a way of picking up cash a few times a month.
    Check the bulletin boards at the market.
    Check the local "old folks homes". The work is shitty and they always have a huge turn-over.  Don't forget to check fast food places and restaurants often need dishwashers.
    Walk the roads and pick up cans- you likely know where the "party spots" are in your area.
    Ask a friend or relative for a loan.
    Eventually, you will get some money. Learn to bake bread and make soup from scratch! After you finish carving off all the meat from a chicken, boil the bones for some wonderful broth! After a half hour or more of boiling the bones, get the bones out, cool them and pick them over. You will be amazed how much meat there is on the bones! Add some leftover or frozen mixed veggies, rice, noodles, whatever, and it's soup! Add some homemade "hamburger buns" (flour, water, oil, salt and yeast) and it isn't half bad.
    Hang in there. It will get better!
  3. hey man start your own vege garden ! , just take clippings of tomato plants and grow as many things as you can! you could even use guerrilla growing tactics and just come and collect your harvest of fruit or veges! good luck man
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    No money, no food. Having no pot should be the least of your worries.
    Are you actively searching for work? If not, I'd get started on that. Nothing will get better until you make it better.
    Go get your G.E.D. asap. Go try to work at a fast food place. Places ARE hiring, but you have to TRY!
  5. You'll bounce bac dog, just try to keep your mind on progression. Baby steps my nicca, baby steps. You can't go from broke to ballin in one week, but if you get your MIND right you can ball whenever the fuc u want. I got 24 bucs, and a dubber sac to last me till Friday, but I woke up like I had a mil in the bank and these bad bitches owe me pussy. It's a mental battle when you get piss poor, but we warriors so we gotta win no matter what. And stay strong for your younger siblings bro, if they see you collapse that'll fuc up their motivation. Ima smoke one and pray for yall, just know that you are strong as fuc and NO ONE or NOTHING can defeat you.
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    Scrap things you see.laying around town and turn that money into more money.

    I don't wanna justify stealing cuz I used to do that and it's fucked.

    I mean what would happen to your siblings if you get caught stealing?

    But honestly do what you gotta do, shit. If you're serious about the armored car you better have a plan.
  7. Solid motivational advice from skinnydude
  8. I do try. Every day. And no, places AREN'T hiring. If I'm lucky I'll get called in for an interview every 2-3 months. Right now I get $347 a month from the government, and if I enroll to get my GED I'll get an extra $125 a week.
  9. well, you still got an internet connection so things aren't that bad.
    Oh, well you're not nearly as bad off as you think. You're getting financial assistance, sure it could be more, but that's where you're at. Go enroll for your GED seems like a no-brainer. What kind of assistance are you getting? SSI, SSD?
    You can go to school for free if so, so there's just another incentive to get your GED. You want real world skills? That's your ticket!
  11. I want real world skills, but I'm also a criminal lol. I have been since I was 12 years old and I probably won't change for a while. I'm just upping my game :p

  12. As granny said donating plasma.
    They have donating clinics all over the place and usually pay decent (I get $80/week).
    And your donation may end up saving somebody's life.
  13. go dumpster diving if you're that desperate
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    too cool for school I see. if you gotta say this kinda stuff your probably not as badass as you think. grow up and feed your brothers and sisters.

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  15. Hey Bro, I've been there many times before.  Used to live on the streets in Utah for a few months, being broke as fuck is no picnic.  Try selling off some of your shit, even if it is a bunch of crap, there may very well be someone on Craigslist who wants what you have.  I've never donated plasma/blood for money, but you might want to look into that if your clean.  Search CL labor gigs for any extra work that you may be able to do.  Hit up the foodbanks, (they actually do help a hell of a lot), look into soup kitchens or something nearby.  Try going to a local church (even if you aren't religious), they generally will be willing to help somehow.  Hell, I was able to sleep in one for about a month because of a kind dude who ran the place.
    Just don't give up, I know how hard it is just to get through the day, but you have to have hope of some sort.
    Yo OP dawg I went through the same shit, homeless, starved for nearly 4 days before I thought of this shit
  17. ive been so broke i was homelss with no money
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    One piece of advice: Stop robbing armored trucks on GTA 5 and thinking you can get away with it :laughing:
  19.  Everyone has been there or will be there at some point. 
    Get creative man.
  20. That's a crock of shit. Apply yourself.

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