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Have you ever been struck my a girls beauty

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 281310, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. So It's the night after thanks giving, 1:30 am. Nothing is open except the nearby ghetto Arab gas station that i always go to anyways. So I'm there buying my "fake pot" with quarters and a ten dollar bill and i finish the transaction. As I'm putting away my money and walking out the door at the same time, there are 2 black guys walking into the store and the most finest finest white girl i have ever seen. Period. So by then i finish putting my money away and walking out the door and this lady asks me for a dollar, and as I'm there I'm just reaching in my pocket and staring straight back into the store for a good three seconds and then I'm like " you want three quarters?" She said she don't care and I hand her the change and I'm out. When i already turned and was at the light i actually wanted to turn and go back just so i can see her walk out! I didn't do it because it was pretty packed for this time(because of thanksgiving i guess) and i was just there seconds ago. Regardless i was stunned and here i am writing this.

    Might seem stupid but it's a "you had to be there moment".
  2. She probably had sex with both of those guys, you know.
  3. It happens.

    You should have made a move... you probably regret it now!

    It's okay though, just become famous so you can meet a lot more super hot girls.
  4. Honestly i do sort of regret it. I could have very easily at least tried but whatever, life happens.
  5. Dunno, champ...Entire story gives off a creepy "ho and two Johns" feel.:cool:
  6. I know it's totally uncool of me, but I stereotype really good looking chicks.

    If shes an 9 or a 10, I assume her attitude is bad.

    Cute stoner chicks all day, errday.
  7. Nah I'm pretty sure they all came in separately but at the same time. Still that thought came into my head too lol
  8. [quote name='"Greenmagic"']Honestly i do sort of regret it. I could have very easily at least tried but whatever, life happens.[/quote]

    And got attacked by 2 angry black men maybe? Jk lol
  9. Kind of hard not to think it...Two black dudes, drop dead gorgeous...I mean, come on.:cool:
  10. And for all i know she was the biggest of stoner girls lmao. In that case i would probably cry over self pity.
  11. Only one human being has ever done that to me.

    It's a beautiful feeling.
  12. Nah, I bet she couldn't cook...No real loss.:cool:

  13. It is.
  14. A lot of pretty girls actually feel pretty ugly, idk why, but there are a lot of beautiful women out there with issues regarding their looks; they think they aren't pretty when they're actually gorgeous. That could explain why she was with the black guys, they could be your typical, manipulative, pieces of shit who use a beautiful girl just for their own selfish sexual desires. They could have been pimps or pornstars and she could have just got gang banged because of her low self-esteem, somehow feeling loved that two black guys are all over her when their intentions aren't to love her at all, you never know.

    But yea, I've known some girls from high school who were downright gorgeous, but they weren't single and didn't really put out at my school. They always seemed to go for guys at other schools. It can be hard to strike up a conversation with a random girl who you really think is good looking. Theres this one girl in particular I thought I was in love with, but she was so, ignorant I guess. She had beauty, but there was something really lacking inside of her that was holding her back from being a beautiful person too which is just as important as looks. She took my breath away, but was missing something and even though I had the chance to change that (I wasn't really aware of it at the time), I didn't. I could have gone with that girl to prom but I just couldn't, at the time I didn't know why, I didn't like who she was as a person. Now that I think about it, I wish I would have gone with her, if I could go back I'd change it, and maybe I would have changed her too. Maybe I would have found my high school sweet heart.

    Anyway, looks aren't everything I guess. If you can find a girl who is just as smart as she is pretty, than you've struck gold. I'd like to find a girl who really gets "it," "it" being life, just being down to earth, and I think every guy wants that too.
  15. I actually just started listening to some dubstep this morning and i will dedicate this song to my thread.

    [ame=]Skrillex - Cinema - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Excellent song...Just fuckin' excellent that song is, as though us God's gave you our very own Godly instruments and you amazingly learned them somehow.

    Although, obviously...Music of God's like me is just, well, indescribable.:cool:
  17. It seemed to perfectly fit my thread and mindset and i have been listening to it quite a lot today... coincidences man

  18. Way to put two and two together you racist fuck.
  19. I was using the words "she was with the black black guys" to refer to the OP's description of who the girl was with, what comes after that can be applied to men in general, I wasn't making that statement to be racist.

    "they could be your typical, manipulative, pieces of shit who use a beautiful girl just for their own selfish sexual desires" whites, blacks, mexicans, asians, etc, use women. A lot of men use women, that was the point. I was specifically pointing out that those men, who happened to be black, could have been using the girl. If the OP said they were white, or mexicans, I would have included that instead and said "the white trash pieces of shit," or whatever.

  20. Haha, it's all good man.

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