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Have You Ever Been So High That...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CherryBud, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. This is a new fun thread that im starting. The idea is that someone asks "have you ever got so high that...(your words)" and anyone can answer any question with this system that this weed help me create. When you want to answer one of the questions you will quote it and answer it or you will write it out your self like...

    Your story/reply

    So that time. Ask questions, read funny stories, and post some of your own. Ill start.

    Have you ever been so high that you forgot how to smoke?

    Btw im extremely high right now so if none of this makes sense please ignore it.

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  2. i knew a girl named cherry well cheri but went by cherry . that doesnt happen to be u?
  3. No sir, i have a penis.

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  4. Have you ever been so high that it feels like you're not breathing and you start panicking.
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  5. Have you ever been so high you say everything twice, the first time in a whisper, the second time normal volume.
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  6. have you ever gotten so high that you decided to watch guitar solo videos with your friends and commentate on them as if it were a sport? I have, twice.
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  7. Have you ever been so high that... You forgot you smoked already, but say fuck it and smoke more hahaha.
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  8. Have you ever been so high you forget where you are for a moment.
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  9. Have you ever been so high that... You've forgotten how to open a door and think someone is pushing the door shut against you
  10. Ever been so high you forgot how to work a lighter?
  11. Have u ever been so high that u watched TV on mute and ur friends made up their own commentary???
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  12. yes always
  13. hahahaha this is so me,, especially when i talk with my parents after i went out with my buds, i always start talking to them by whispering, i have no idea why!
  14. Have you ever been so high you think you see police lights even when you are in the complete dark?
  15. Lol i remember one time i got high and went to a amusment park. I had "silent screams" on every rollercoaster

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  16. I've done that sober
  17. All the fucking time, but its drums with me!
  18. You get so high, that you just can't... Just can't cum
  19. Have you ever been so high, you feel like you can't swallow food without having to fully concentrate?
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  20. HUEBSH that you put away your smoking paraphernalia for the day and you forget were They are the next time you want them.

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