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have you ever been so drunk that....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokin&tokin, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. have you ever been so drunk that you wake up with your table upside down, a huge hole in the wall, sleeping on the ground, with my t.v. on the home shopping channel..... I was wasted i cant even remember what happend!!!!
  2. never been quite that bad. I like to ride a certain level of drunkeness because once I'm totally fucked up I don't know what's going on so I just go to sleep and that ruins the fun.
  3. ahh yes theres been quite a few occasions where i wake up in someone elses house or even worse i wake up and theres other people in my house. I imagine it will only get worse when i turn 21 in a few months.
  4. once, I don't remember how I got back to the hotel. My friends said I looked happy, but whats the point if I can't remember. I felt fine, no hangover of anything, which is strange.

  5. While drinking heavily at a party at my sisters house I finally got the chance to nail her best friend who I'd been after for a year. I remember she had her head in my lap and I leaned over to kiss her. The next thing I know< I woke up sprawled out on the floor, with all the lights in the house off and everybody passed out. I went to the bathroom and saw that I had make-up smeared all over my face. After washing it off I went back to sleep. The next day my sister asks why her friend left the party so mad, and told her I didn't know, so she called the friend to find out. It turns out that I had passed out while she was giving me head, so she painted my face and left in a huff. Her friend never spoke to me

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  6. damn thats some funny shit! i cracked up when i read this!
  7. Last night I got drunk for the first time! I had drank before, but I hated the taste too much to actually persue getting drunk. Well I found a combination I can handle- Jack Daniels Whiskey and some Vanilla Coke! It was fun, but I didn't wake up to what you woke up to- I didn't even have a hang over!
  8. I have been sooo fucking drunk people were handing me 12 oz glasses full of hot daMN AND HOSEQUERVO an dI would take it chug it and hand them the glass back empty, after being that wasted, I got more wasted, and woke up on the toilet with my head on the toilet paper roll, I could baqrely keep it up, my friend came in wanting to puke and told me to get up and I honestly tried as hard as I could but I couldnt even lift my head up.. so he ended up puking in the bath tub, I woke up on the floor later and I had a bad hangover for 2 days.
  9. weird thing is I never puked, bad thing is, before that I got pretty wasted withought getting sick or a hangover, but now I get them, I think I fucked myself up that night, ever since I cant handle hard shit like I used to.
  10. hoooooooo shit I've been drunk and high for 6 days in a row, .... what a night that was... I have some rico bay rum but its in my kitchen with my grandparents, they confiscated a half empty 1.5 litre out of my car... but I think I can get it back.
  11. ok, im pretty fucked up I forgot what I was even posting last time but I remember.

    They told me we were all smoke a couple bowls and I'd get a hit pass it, lave and run back in yelling hey you skipped me qui skipping me so they'd just give it to me even thought there were like 3 more people left, I smoke alot extra, I kept thinking theye were skipping me.
  12. I drank a litre of vodka straight quite quickly and passed out and pissed myself on my mates floor. That was only one of the many unusual things that happened at that party....:p
  13. after homecoming at my old school i woke up and my dads house with a little puke on me wearing my friends shoes then when i got to school (everyone was chillin in the cafeteria cuz they sell donuts and shit) a shitload of people stood up and started clapping turns out i got in a fight with a bouncer stumbled out into the street and almost got hit by a firetruck pissed on a garage in front of a crowd of people and my friend was pissed (he called 4 different people at 330 in the morning) cuz he lives in a 2 floor studio and he claims that when he was tryin to get me to go downstairs i leaned over the rail threw up, fell down the stairs then threw up again and then rolled around on the ground i didnt have a single bruise tho
  14. just for some idea of how fucked up i was thiss happened when i was 14 i weighed 130 at the time and had 8-10 beers 5 shots of tequilla and somewhere around seven shots of vodka
  15. The worst I've ever been drunk was a little while into football season last year before I started partying a lot. I went over to a friend's place just off campus and it was someone's 21st brithday and she was paying for all the booze. It then became my friend-who-lives-there's mission for the party to get me wasted. He turns and says, "here this is hot damn." I shoot it. "Here it's Jack" I shoot it "Orange Rum" shoot it "Vodka" and we have a winner...shoot it. "Another Jack" shoot it "Another Bacardi O" shoot it "151" shoot it and shout, "Damn that burns!" They tried to give me another but I made another friend promise to not let me drink anymore because I was gonna be bad. I sat out there listening to music and got drunker and drunker an drunker. My friend tried to get me to take another shot, but I still had the resolve not , too. After my sober brought me home I fired up the N64. I was playing Rush2049 and I my vision was so blury I couldnt see the tv when looking directly at it, but I played. I remember looking and shouting out, "I can't see the TV, but I know I'm in 3rd place. w00t!" After a while I set my computer up to show on the tv and played the fast and the furious. I was so proud of myself for being able to stumble my way through that. After the movie started playing I went to the bathroom and threw up. Then I came back and fell asleep. One of those dreamless drunken sleeps where you are dead to the world.
  16. last summer i was at a festival working as a lights-tech for a band. my weed-deal at the place fell through. needless to say i had to compensate, with beer. the thing is, at festivals as a band or crew you get *free* beer. beeing moderately accoustumed to this, the evening started slow, after all we did have a gig to think about. three beers later, it was gig time. the sound-dude was fore-sighting, and had already brought a sixpack to the FOH (front-of-house, mixerposition) tower for us to share.

    the gig went great, and so did the rest of the evening. until i got to the hotel. i tried as graciously as a total drunk dude can to approach the reception and ask for the key. i could not remember the room number. and i was speaking very slurry. i groped into my pants pocket and found my credit card/id so the poor woman could get my name, and more importantly, i would get the key.

    hey prest, worked. took the elevetor to the assigned floor, wandered around the corridors. where the hell is *my* room? after a bit of wandering i gave up, and took the elevator down again, back to reception.

    "er, i can't, sort of, find my room...". i'm sure there was a giggle in the receptionists face. anyhow, a very helpful girl showed me the way, and no, she did not want to take a nightcap with me. *sigh*

    next morning, or should i say afternoon, i got a call from the reception, asking when i was leaving the room. the clock was 1300, and they'd been trying to reach me since 1100 :)

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