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Have you ever been so consistently stoned that...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mm23, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Being sober feels more high than being stoned? It's a bizarre feeling -- it makes me feel extremely disconnected from reality. I've kinda been dazing through the day today sober after being stoned for like 2 weeks straight.

    I think I'll toke a little more when I get home though.:smoke:
  2. Yes. i smoke all day everyday and have for years. mostly regs. it is almost a social crutch. peace
  3. I haven't noticed that but I have noticed that when I smoke constantly throughout the day (which doesn't happen often at all) I get so used to being high that it's almost like I smoked myself sober... except I'm high :p

    And honestly sometimes I feel more out-of-it when I'm burnt out than when I'm high, so maybe you had ultra-burnt-outedness from smoking for two weeks straight... we've all woken up the morning after an intense session feeling a bit slow, nevermind two weeks lol.
  4. dude, i hate smoking myself sober, but it seems to happen somehow.

    but yeah, when im sober after a few weeks straight of staying high, i feel like absolute dog shit. no motivation, no appetite, totally out of it. i hate that shit. thats when i give my guy a call lol
  5. yeah ive been stoned a great while now and spending a whole day at an airport and on a plane are killer without edibles :[
  6. once I reach that point i realize i may need to take a break for a day or two

  7. I feel you here. I been feeling like that for a while, I'm thinking about taking a break for awhile.
  8. i've smoked myself sober a few times.
    and than.. being plain sober, just feels flat out W E I R D . &uncomfortable.
  9. yeah I know what youre talking about.

    I call it the "pot haze" cuz it feels like your in a fucking cloud 24/7.

    Ive been pretty much in the haze for the last year and a half but its not enough for me to make a big deal about since it goes away after a little break.

  10. yes ive experienced it alot in my use.

    here in toronto we call it being permastoned or permabaked. this term is usually linked to the dumbass looking confused pothead, but not in my case.

    stay high:smoking:
  11. I get that effect pretty much if I am high for 2 days or longer if I smoke all day. I actually kind of like it. At least what most people don't like I can get some enjoyment out of. Its kinda like a mini version of the detachment after an acid trip but not as strong so it isn't as unpleasant.
  12. oh man, the post-trip mindfuck is the worst.

    its off topic, but a valid story sooooo

    my first year at college, 420 weekend, i trip BALLS at a local music festival. i wake up the next morning and go out for a cig. when i get out there, theres this chick who looks like someone beat her face in with a baseball bat and then just stitched it all up. i thought i was tripping, so naturally i freaked out and ran inside. i find out from people who were out there at the time that this chick actually has a disfigured face. i felt kinda bad, because i pretty much took one lok at her and dipped out.
  13. I get that feeling all the time, where you know you're sober, but you feel like you've got a nice buzz going. It's so weird.
    Happened like ten minutes ago while I was eating, I suddenly got all trippy'n'shit.
    Messed up.
  14. Yeah, it's been a while but I used to get that feeling all the time. I used to smoke non-stop everyday all day. When I'd take a day off it was a trip in itself!
  15. i love being permastoned
    i love the feeling i get when i stick my hands in my pockets when im permastoned haha
  16. one time i went high 24/7 for 2 weeks constantly smokin i was never buzzed i was always major blown
  17. I haven't missed a day of blazing in years, so when i don't start my day with a few bowls i feel like im in some what of a haze and the feeling like the world is alot more boring. Get the same feeling when i start to burn out.
  18. I've smoked " Indian Kush " approx. 3 joints/blunt/bowls (on a average) per day for 2 years continuously. I don't remember missing a day !
  19. & yes I've smoked it all alone !
    Bleh, I miss it to the deepest forms.
  20. hey. been smokin maybe 4 r 5 a day for the past year. very rarley break but when i do i njoy it also. i find that even when i dont smoke, the enxt day seems kinda numbed down and i like it. when i had a month off from wk i smoked prob too much. maybe 10 a day. i have concluded tho that after maybe the fifth smoke that day any more was just a waste of green.:hello:

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