Have you ever been shot?

Discussion in 'General' started by c20h25n3oIsGood, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. yeah, im just wondering....:)_
  2. nawh...I've seen someone get their face split in two from a .223 tho.....
  3. I'm gonna have to go ahead and check then box on this one.

    I knew some who shot themself, but that doesn't count.

    Hurt though....
  4. o yea...i know a few people who've shot themselves...one of them didnt even die.....now he's a vegetable.........
  5. high speed hollow point 223's god they are fun, 1900fps of rape
  6. I have..shot in the leg with a duece duece

    it didn't go through, but stuck itself in my shin

    and no..you will not hear the story
  7. I've been shot with many a bb gun. I've been hit a couple times with a ole twenytwo. I've been shot at with a snub nose, 9mm, 7mm rifle, glock. And warning shot at by a D.E. that I really thought was going to kill me. Everytime I've been shot at it was for gangster shit that I try everyday to dissolve myself away from.
  8. lets just say bb guns leave scars when shot at close range.

  9. ok, peacetoker :rolleyes::laughing:
  10. i got shot with a bb gun.....hurt like phucking hell....cant imagine how real bullets feel like :eek:
  11. I got shot way back in the day, the bullet grazed my left cheek. The scar is still there but its fading now 9 years later. You have to be in harsh light and at an angle to see it.
  12. yeh i got shot wit a techie like papapappap i took abou 14 bullets ll over like rambo an shiz
  13. I've been shot at but never hit, mostly some backwoods rednecks with their shitty 48 year old guns. but yeah other than that i been shot at with a 9mm, and a 12 gauge
  14. Nope, simply because I'm quicker at the trigger. ;)

    @above poster..
    a 12 gauge? If someone was really trying to shoot you with that I don't think you'd be here to tell us.
  15. I do the shooting :)

  16. I was in a car pulling away from her house mayne.:(

  17. were you banging said shooter's daughter?

  18. Yeah her dad caught me on valentines day 2 years back eating a "McPussyburger" at his house...on his bed
  19. hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaaahahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

    Oh man, if I was her dad I would atleast made sure I hit you. :eek:

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