Have you ever been shot?

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  1. Have you ever been shot? idk why I wanna know i just wanna know if anyone on here ever has been haha..either drug related or hunting or whatever lol idk im high
  2. I've been shot at, does that count?
  3. yeah thats a start...how the fuck that happen lol
  4. I got shot 19 times.

    All separate events too. I guess that's what comes with the territory of being such a mad gangsta like me.
  5. I can see that.

    The pissed off intellectual gangsta'

  6. Dude you should rap.
  7. GC's large population of E-Thugs are gonna flock to this thread like horses to water.
  8. got shot in the eye with a BB gun when i was like 11. my cousin and i were playin around and he got mad at me for some reason and bam, right in the eye. I'm glad he was far away because it didn't do any damage. it sure hurt though.

    no problems with a real gun
  9. This reminds me of the thread where some dude said he got shot. An old, somewhat respected member too.

    Turns out he was just bullshitting, after the persistence of picture requests, he posted one that was straight from google.
  10. ForceFeed would've been here.

    He cant make it on account of the ban.
  11. I play paintball, and got shot in the kneecap with a BB once. Also, shot in the chest with rock salt once... Was wearing a chest protector, and it still almost knocked me off my bike. (Not running or anything, just apparently trespassing...)
  12. Good thin' I wasn't him in Jackie Brown

  13. haha reminded me of when i was younger i shot my dad in the eye from about 110 feet with a paintball...he was down for the count
  14. one time.
    dont really wanna say more

  15. Oh man that has me CRACKIN' UP!!!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:

    (wait 'till those 15yr wannabe Gangsters find this tread!)
  16. Its no biggie but i got a clip from a tec nine emptied in my face. I got kind of mad so i took one of the bullets out of my face and threw it and it went through his heart....he died instantly.

  17. just so you guys know, it wasnt a gangsta on gangsta situation.
    i'm a white kid, and was with a group of white kids by a beach. to get to this beach you have to climb down (climb down?) a hill of rocks and sand. apparently its private property (its not, the dudes just crazy) and is within a a hundred metres of this old guys house. he ran outside with a shotgun, shooting directly at us. i dont know if they were blanks, if he was actually aiming for us, except that thats the fastest i've ever booked in my entire life to date. he's dead now though so it's all good.
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    My brothers and I used to shoot each other with bb guns a lot. Them suckers can sting like hell.

    I think getting shot by anything 22 cal or greater would just totally suck out the ass. If I'm ever in a shoot out I hope I shoot first.
  19. no, i know a few people who got shot in vietnam though, said it stung like all hell
  20. Got shot with a paintball close range once, was sneaking around in the forest during a game and me and an opposing player got really close positioning on eachother and some shots went off, got hit right in the top of the head (I was looking down). Hurt like a motherfucker for like a week and had a huge bump on my head.

    All in all a fun experience.

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