have you ever been made fun of

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  1. yesterday we hot boxed a car and i always chill and smoke with my lil cuz. but this one time my other cuzin came and i do know i look funny because i look asian but im mexican. i was talking back but its not my style and i just want to know if you have had the same experience. its annoying
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    Everyone has their flaws, if he makes fun of yours make fun of his. No one is perfect, alot of people are assholes. Which is why I don't care about peoples opinions.


    I was made fun of throughout highschool because I didn't talk alot to people. It never really got to me because I'd come up with some witty response and I became popular which I dreadfully hated.. I ignored everyone and then people started making fun of me again. Fuck the haters.
  3. Yeah it happens. lol
  4. Uh, yeah. Who hasn't?
  5. idk why bit i kinda get depressed but i cant do nothing about it
  6. It happens to all of us. If somebody goes out of their way to make fun of you, just tell them off and forget about it. Seriously, life is too short to bother with baby bullsh*t.
  7. well if you shouldn't get depressed about somethin you can't do nothin about! like for example if they was callin you stinky. you can do somethin about that, just take ah fuckin bath, but if your dick is small and they were callin you "lil dick boy" ain't shit you can do about it yah kno!! fuck em!!!!
  8. People usually just make fun of others so that they can feel better about themselves... It's just to get a rise out of you. Don't worry about it man, I'm sure you look fine. :)
  9. That was my entire grade school experience
  10. u aint lyin ^ but it is part of growing up pretty much making fun of each other like its ur job. a witty comeback that works for every occasion is "that wasnt wat ur (insert beloved female here) was saying last night
  11. and after that comeback you would be in a fight!! lol

    me and my boys talked about each other all the time!! im talkin about, talked about each other mommas, girlfriends, cousin, looks, everthing lol! and if it was funny we just laughed!! that's just the way my group was at school and shit!!!
  12. This one kid kept making fun of me.. So I said I was going to punch him in his bigass nose if he didn't fuck off. He tried to fight me and brought his friends... well he didn't know I sold pills to his friends for real cheap. We peaced it up and then he moved away shortly after. Now whenever I see his friends they always bring that moment up and laugh about it. :rolleyes:
  13. dats wazz sup man!!

    I like the way you spelled jersey in your location thing to lol!! spelled how they pronounce it?
  14. Haha i love it when things like that happen.

    This kid stole my plants and i told him if i ever saw him out i would kill him.

    One day i was on my motor bike and he was walking with his friends and smirked at me.

    So i drove by faster and kicked him in the nuts. He dropped like a sack of shit.

    Then he was saying he was going to get this Spanish gypsy on me.

    Only it turned out i was real good friends with the gypsy.:D


    Sorry to derail thread.
  15. If someone is making fun of you, all you can really do is ignore it, or cap on them even harder, turn the tables on them.

    Or if you're getting made fun of for being smelly, take a damn bath, like Big Money said
  16. Haha personally, I don't have a new jersey accent, but alot of old time citizens pronounce it joisey instead of jersey.
  17. I used to get made fun of all the time about my weight. When i was in high school I was fucking huuuge. I'm not going to lie. I'm not really ashamed of it and I think it's high time I owned up to my bad eating habits, but that didn't give anyone the right to point out my growing belly to my peers.

    In my defense, it wasn't completely my fault, yes I was a soda and fry lover, but I was also taking steriods for my asthma and Paxil for my depression. I quickly ballooned up to 200 pounds resting on a 5 foot 6 inch frame. It wasn't pretty, to say the least.

    Anyway, the "popular" kids made fun of me day in and day out. It really started to wear on me, making my depression even worse. Finally, I had to reach out and got help. They took me off the paxil, I lost 30 pounds before the school year was out and over the summer lost another 30.

    Let's just say, when I returned nobody really had anything to say.

    Actually, i did get a few comments. One was along the lines of, "I'd really like to fuck Suzie now. She's gotten really hot." Not a fucking chance. I would've spit in any one of their faces had they came to talk to me.

  18. Damn, i know what you mean about the steroids. I forget which ones i was on because i was around 8 years old, but we decided to stop because i just started getting fat and they didn't help with my breathing problems. Being fat ultimately led to more problems because i couldnt run as much or do any aerobic exercises.

    Also, one of my favorite guitarists, Shawn Lane, had some serious weight issues (he was over 300 lbs when he died) because he took steroids for his psoriatic arthritis. So basically, fuck steroids, and fuck people who make fun of others.
  19. what is ah gypsy?
  20. Seriously?

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