Have you ever been high on a airplane

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  1. Have you ever been high on an airplane? If so how did you get high, how high were you when you were on the plane (1-10 1 being low 10 being high) then tell us how it felt was it a good feeling? A bad feeling? Also just tell us the whole story of the day of your trip when you smoked who you were with what was it like going through security and what time were you on your flight?

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  2. Yea I was high when I left Jamaica to come to America lol it was amazing to be up there.
  3. Yeah it was at about 40,000 feet altitude. Thats so high dude!

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  4. Nope never. I have thought about it, but the thought of going to airport security while high....yeah I'm pretty sure my high would be blown.

    I'm from middle eastern descent so I feel like they'd "randomly" select me anyway
  5. Yes, it was a single engine plane that barely fit 4 people.
    I brought my box mod with dripper and some wax.
    I'd say 6/10.

    Very few times in my life have i been that scared.
    Felt like a kite in a storm.
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  6. yes, in fact i've only ever flown while high.

    most times i've carried cannabis, a pipe, unmentionables and related paraphernalia.
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  7. I ate some firecrackers in the airport parking lot for my plane to California

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  8. not only have i been high on an airplane, i ve been way too high on an airplane, like holy fuck i hope i dont die high. i over did it on the edibles when i was getting on a plane to go to bermuda with my family. I remember thinking "im such an asshole, im going to be the first person to actually die from weed and ruin it for everyone". im no noob either, at this point in time id been a daily toker for years. One time i was on a good dose of adderall, edibles, vaped, drunk... I was fucked up, plus i brought nips with me (legAL in a plastic bag) at the same time on a plane, you can drink em on the plane too btw. i just kept to myself and got a cup with ice and a coke.

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