Have you ever been cheated on?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Green Piece, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Just curious. Tell your story.

    I wasn't going to go into great detail but I loved a girl for YEARS (dated off and on for six years) and she ended the relationship by cheating, very obviously, and she did it just to be mean (instead of respectfully ending our relationship and then moving on to the next guy). It's been a couple years since, I still love the girl desperately (which I know sounds odd, but I loved her for so many good years before she did that). I still think of her lovingly and sometimes I still remember the cheating and it gets me all pissed off, two years later. lol I didn't retaliate, I just wrote emails of complaining about it to her. lol

    Anyways, been cheated on? Tell what happened. How did you react?
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    Bitches bro
  3. fuck relationships
  4. nozzir. at least not that i know of. i date a lot of whores so it's highly probable that it has happend a few times.
  5. I think I have.

    I'm not really sure though. :confused_2:
  6. Yup. Bitches.... :(
  7. there are really only two answers: yes, and i don't know.

    me, i don't know.
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    Iv been cheated on from my ex... shes now currently with him, and i kicked his ass right in front of her. then i made sure she knows i hate her.

    its a good feeling to be finally at peace in your head.
  9. Been cheated on twice. Ex-wife and ex-gf. Ex-wife tried to change me and I wouldn't fall into her bullshit so that's when she did her shit. Ex-gf found some dude to violate her since she was into that sort of thing. Had to fuck him up and kick her sorry ass out. Damn these crazy ass bitches.
  10. Haha well thanks for the amusing stories. I can't believe women do this. When you're a young kid, all you hear about is how men don't respect women, how men cheat, etc. Then you grow up and pour years of your life into loving a girl and she ends it by cheating, just to fuck with your head. I can't believe women do this, because it makes them a stupid, trashy slut, and it's just to be passive aggressive.

    Anyways, it does show how some women just want to be trashy sluts, even when they're dating the nicest guy in the world. lol
  11. 3 out of the 4 girls I've gone out with have.... damn.:(
  12. I have. By 2 different guys.

    One was a guy who I dated for 5 years. And really the thing that pissed me off was that if he would have told me that he was fucking her I would have been ok with it cause we used to "share" her and I had a thing for her too. Hell I slept with her for a while after she left him once she found out he didn't tell me about them.

    The other one was my sons father. And really I should have known cause he was a sexually addicted man whore. I mean we would be driving down the road in my camper van and he would be in the passenger seat buck nekkied spanking his monkey. Dated him for 1 1/2 years. And the girls he picked were ugly. Fucking ugly. I would touch em with a ten foot poll. *shakes head*
  13. yes i have been...i didnt know until after we had broken up and she told me like a year later
  14. Only once that I know of .

    It was a fee years ago. My girl , well we weren't technically official , but everyone knew that we were together .

    Well , she went on spring break and I stayed home . I told one of my "boys " to look after her and tell me if she did anything .

    A couple weeks after we broke up , like 4 months after spring break , she told me she had kissed the kid I told you watch after .

    She said they were both drunk , people told me and I didn't believe them .

    I was dumb , she was a slut .

    That's why I fucked her friend a few months after .

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