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Have you ever been caught smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Kai Skywalker, Jan 13, 2023.

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  1. I'm sure we all have. I'm sure we all have multiple stories, so do tell. Just recently, like a few minutes ago, I was smoking my bong in the back yard when the AT&T guy popped up. I apparently missed the doorbell and phone, probably because I was smoking. So he went to the back yard and saw my setup (I actually missed him at first but my neighbor told me he was back there). Lol I'm glad he was chill about it, hell I was gonna offer him a rip but I know he's at work so... If he asks I'll say yes.
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  2. No saying you can't have a thread man people will still reply ect no need to be :(... Turn that frown upside down mannnnn
  3. utility service contractors and agents are obliged to inform the cops, (some are rewarded) should they see' anything of interest during the course of their employment...
    this I know for sure, (in the usa and europe) lets hope you are in a legal state,
    (they do it as they never know when they will need the cops as support in their job)

    its vital here you get either the name or reg number of his truck, but too late for that..??

    consider relocating the grow even if it means renting a uhaul and parking it across from your place

    good luck
  4. many times at parties when toking up, way too often peeps crash thinking free booze,
    often wasted you are put on the spot' having a cheapo bottle bong ..means
    that with a twist of the wrist the bong disappears, hiding the bong downstem
    peeps looking at you would think you are holding a beer .lol

    lesson leant the hard way

    good luck
  5. What's an AT&A guy?? unless it's cops/security or your landlord ect I wouldn't worry dude... Most people don't care enough about a job to report some 1 for smoking/having a rig out :smoking:
  6. I also got caught growing/smoking by my new neighbors last year lmaoooooo, the dude was chill he just said he also likes a smoke now & again :confused_2::laughing:

    I wasn't hiding what I was doing though or anything I had a plant in plain view & was walking round outside smoking :laughing:
  7. My mom caught me in the bathroom smoking hella Dro. I was like bitch it’s my body. I do what I want! Then she tried to ground me for two weeks. I just blew more smoke in her face and said what now hoe? Then I died..
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  8. As @BrewsnWeed666 pointed out, there's already an open thread on this very topic, so I'm closing this one.

    @Kai Skywalker, please feel free to share other threads of interest (within the forum guidelines). And a belated welcome to the City.

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